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Aditi Phadnis

Aditi Phadnis

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  • Harsh Vardhan: Born lucky?

    15-05-2020 23:43:00

    Being a doctor and also a health administrator, Covid-19 has propelled him into a place in the sun that he could only have hoped for

  • Politics & the war against Covid

    01-05-2020 22:18:00

    As New Delhi looks for exit options and the politics around it, Sri Lanka and Nepal battle their own political contradictions. No telling what lies at the end of the struggle

  • The transformation of Shiv Sena

    17-04-2020 22:20:00

    Not only is the Sena in alliance with its once bitter enemy, the Congress, it is now making migrants from the rest of India its best friends

  • Why KCR has started sounding desperate

    03-04-2020 22:43:00

    All states face the problem of reordering their finances. But Telangana more than others because it has committed itself to a path from which it cannot swerve

  • One state, many possibilities

    20-03-2020 21:29:00

    Is Tamil Nadu approaching a post-Dravidian era in politics with Rajinikanth talking about spirituality in politics while the BJP does the ground work?

  • The end of Sri Lanka as we know it?

    06-03-2020 21:08:00

    The coming election could mark the end of the country's poly-ethnic project. How it will survive as a nation remains to be seen

  • The mayhem that is Congress

    21-02-2020 21:30:00

    Who's calling the shots in the party? Rahul says he's out of it all but people handpicked by him are advisors to Priyanka.

  • The paradox AAP needs to resolve

    07-02-2020 20:36:00

    Can you really deliver democratic results through undemocratic party structures?

  • The dilemma of Arif Mohammad Khan

    24-01-2020 21:03:00

    He aspired to become India's model modern Muslim leader. All he's managed to do is become governor of Kerala

  • The rise of the fringe

    10-01-2020 21:37:00

    They are organised and the opposition to them is leaderless. Who will win the war that is bound to break out?

  • Who is Chandrashekhar Azad?

    27-12-2019 20:24:00

    The agitation against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizenship has raised his profile. It would be interesting to see what he - and other parties - do with it

  • Yediyurappa did what Fadnavis couldn't

    13-12-2019 20:14:00

    BSY is now the unchallenged king of his universe. His fortunes have reversed after a long struggle. But can he afford to rest on his laurels?

  • The Losers, 2019

    29-11-2019 21:25:00

    The 2019 Maharashtra Assembly election tells us that while constancy and fealty pay and that timing is everything

  • A lot rides on Sri Lanka elections

    15-11-2019 20:17:00

    The winner of its upcoming presidential elections could alter the nature of India's relationship with that country

  • The intoxication of power

    01-11-2019 20:40:00

    Sometimes, it pays to hear early warning signals