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Aditi Phadnis

Aditi Phadnis

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  • At last a politician in his own right

    21-01-2022 23:28:00

    Akhilesh has a robust sense of humour, has developed a thick skin, and, now, a streak of ruthlessness that he keeps carefully sheathed

  • Troubled CM of a performing state

    07-01-2022 22:54:00

    Tension between Mr Vij, a six-term BJP MLA, and the chief minister is not new

  • The man who will win

    25-12-2021 00:04:00

    Whatever the outcome of the elections, the biggest loser in the politics of the state will be the Akali Dal, which is being battered from all sides

  • Winning back some neighbours

    10-12-2021 23:34:00

    Whether it is Sri Lanka, Maldives, or Nepal, quietly but steadily, India has been reclaiming some of the ground it had lost to China

  • Tanwar in Trinamool. But why?

    26-11-2021 23:36:00

    Mr Tanwar and the TMC's entry in Haryana politics might make a dent in the non-Jat coalition

  • A warning from Himachal Pradesh

    12-11-2021 23:21:00

    In the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the BJP stayed ahead in each of the Assembly segments

  • Gubernatorial impropriety

    29-10-2021 23:41:00

    Already under fire for undermining constitutional institutions, the BJP is understandably wary of acting precipitately

  • Indiscreet history, astute politics

    15-10-2021 23:54:00

    Mr Rajnath Singh, an erstwhile teacher of physics, is better acquainted with politics than history

  • Identity politics finds a fresh level

    01-10-2021 23:58:00

    In the coming days, a new political refrain - Hindu, Muslim, or tribal, I am a proud Jharkhandi - can be expected from Ranchi

  • A relatively safe CM

    17-09-2021 23:48:00

    Mr Khattar and Mr Modi have known each other since the days the latter was "prabhari" (in charge) of Haryana

  • An alliance thrown off the scent

    03-09-2021 22:52:00

    In the coming months, with new political alignments taking shape, Assam is set to see basic political equations change

  • The rising star of the east

    20-08-2021 23:31:00

    In the Congress, Ms Dev enjoyed the indulgence of the Gandhi family

  • Olympics and the CM who wins gold again

    06-08-2021 23:44:00

    Mr Patnaik was elected chief minister in 2000. He's already served four terms and is on his fifth

  • One team, two captains

    23-07-2021 23:21:00

    With the appointment of Navjot Sidhu as the head of the Punjab Congress, Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh is, without doubt, down. But whether he is out remains to be seen, writes Aditi Phadnis

  • Another party: But does it even matter?

    09-07-2021 23:09:00

    Aditi Phadnis analyses whether the launch of yet another party by Sharmila, the daughter of undivided AP, the late YS Rajashekhar Reddy, will make a difference to the complex politics of Telangana