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Ajai Shukla

Ajai Shukla

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  • The missing CDS

    05-05-2022 22:33:00

    The untimely demise of the first chief of defence staff has sent the issue of joint theatres back to the start line

  • Thinking hard on AI

    31-03-2022 23:16:00

    India's consideration of AI-based weapons systems, though right, would need to consider various legal and ethical conundrums

  • An atmanirbhar flight plan for fighter jets

    03-03-2022 23:32:00

    Given the economic and military-technical realities, India needs to jump-start indigenous aero engine programmes for combat aircraft without delay

  • A bigger, not better, defence budget

    03-02-2022 23:50:00

    Even as the total allocation has increased, it has fallen as a percentage of GDP

  • Looking ahead to 2022

    06-01-2022 23:31:00

    The defence ministry's year-end review focuses exclusively on the achievements, but it does offer a glimpse into the challenges ahead

  • Adding economy to defence

    02-12-2021 22:35:00

    Make in India for defence equipment is languishing in the absence of large orders that can make local production viable

  • A big stick for the Indian Navy

    04-11-2021 10:29:00

    In the new military architecture emerging in the Indo-Pacific, a third aircraft carrier will be needed to effectively counter the Chinese Navy

  • Ordnance factories' moment in history

    30-09-2021 23:06:00

    As the government restructures defence manufacturing, it must keep in mind that changing the functional model alone won't improve efficiency

  • Rebuilding a presence in Afghanistan

    02-09-2021 23:02:00

    Having failed to build ties with the Taliban, India finds itself in a particularly difficult spot

  • China's border games

    05-08-2021 23:09:00

    China's strategy of push and shove to solidify its position along the LAC requires bold and decisive action from India

  • Military should fund its own modernisation

    01-07-2021 22:31:00

    Boosting its capital expenditure does not require a great deal of money

  • The mirage of self-reliance

    03-06-2021 22:27:00

    In the absence of robust technological and project management structures, MoD's indigenisation drive will remain questionable

  • Tejas versus JF-17 Thunder

    06-05-2021 22:22:00

    India and Pakistan's approach to light fighters is a study in contrast with lessons for indigenisation

  • Changing a monolith

    01-04-2021 23:39:00

    The plans currently afoot to restructure the military raise several questions about the command structure and accretion of power

  • The two-front truce

    04-03-2021 23:17:00

    LoC ceasefire offers New Delhi a unique opportunity to shift the dispute over Kashmir away from the border to the negotiating table