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Ajay Chhibber

Ajay Chhibber

Distinguished visiting professor, National INstitute of Public Finance and Policy

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  • Ease vs cost of doing business in India

    22-07-2021 00:14:00

    Business index rankings have become a substitute for addressing the fundamental constraints faced by entrepreneurs

  • India's Interventionist State: Bolster govt capability, reform management

    03-03-2021 22:08:00

    Building state capability is not an easy process, especially in a democratic setup

  • India's interventionist state: Reduce its scope, increase capability

    02-03-2021 22:11:00

    Govt is increasingly keen to deliver even specific items like toilets, water, gas cylinders, where it can show the beneficiary immediate results. This new welfarism helps win polls but not development

  • Jobs, competitiveness and happiness

    30-10-2018 23:13:00

    India's rankings on global competitiveness indicators and the World Bank's ease of doing business have improved due to reforms like GST & IBC, but yet exports have been tepid and imports have surged

  • Rupee @75-plus: Turbulence ahead

    27-09-2018 02:10:00

    In this period of global turbulence, and with elections on the horizon, India must adopt credible and strong measures, along with clear communication, to stabilise the economy

  • Watch out for the Cobra Effect

    22-08-2018 01:14:00

    Government should weigh the pros and cons of a solution before putting it into effect to ensure it does not end up creating even bigger problems down the line

  • Needed: A smarter activist trade policy

    18-07-2018 05:59:00

    As global giants embark on a trade war, pygmies in global trade like India may either get crushed or, if they play smartly, be able to increase their market share

  • Economy: Between a rock and a hard place

    21-06-2018 05:55:00

    The government unveiled a series of half-hearted measures to address it and kept kicking the can down the road

  • A minefield of issues

    09-04-2018 05:54:00

    The Terms of Reference of the 15th Finance Commission might undermine positive momentum towards 'cooperative federalism'

  • Here's how Make in India can truly work

    03-01-2018 22:40:00

    PM will surely exhort Davos crowd this month to come help make New India. 'Make in India' is great slogan, but more of what we buy, or what the rest of the world buys is not yet being 'Made in India'

  • It's the economy, stupid

    25-09-2017 22:39:00

    With high interest rates, and a low risk of depreciation, portfolio inflows have risen sharply, leading to the appreciation of the rupee

  • Ajay Chhibber: Redoing the fiscal math

    20-08-2016 21:50:00

    Given the key role of states and PSUs in the economy, the panel that is reviewing FRBM Act must examine the broader public sector's finances, and not focus purely on the Centre's fiscal deficit

  • Ajay Chhibber: Reviving private investment is key

    14-05-2016 21:50:00

    Sustained GDP growth of eight to nine per cent will be possible only if India's investment rate, which has dropped below 30 per cent, climbs back above 35 per cent

  • Ajay Chhibber: Opportunity to make up for lost time

    22-09-2015 21:50:00

    India's economic team must get less conservative and improve co-ordination

  • Ajay Chhibber: Five game-changers in the Budget

    14-03-2015 21:50:00

    Incrementalism can only work if subsequent Budgets and opportunities in between Budgets are used to reform as well