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Alok Chandra

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  • Wine ratings explained

    19-06-2020 20:58:00

    Three- and five-point ratings don't address the subject adequately, and wine producers themselves cannot be relied upon to be objective.

  • The best of Indian wines

    05-06-2020 20:42:00

    The quality (and price) of wines made in India improves/increases each year and there's no question that our best wines are today much better than most imported wines priced at the same level.

  • A long, dry summer

    22-05-2020 20:36:00

    A silver lining in the dark clouds of this 10-week lockdown and the attendant downturn in the economy is the possibility that online ordering and home deliveries of at least wines will continue.

  • Wine online

    08-05-2020 21:11:00

    It's high time that all state excise authorities considered permitting home delivery of (at least) wines.

  • Zooming in on lessons

    24-04-2020 21:01:00

    The Daily Dose Red 2016 from Wine Park is a 100 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon that uses organic grapes from a single vineyard in Solapur, Maharashtra

  • Wine on screen

    10-04-2020 20:14:00

    No wine at home? Here's a list film recommendations by wine consultant Alok Chandra on your favourite drink. Enjoy!

  • Since you're at home

    27-03-2020 20:51:00

    As someone who's been operating a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) since 2002, I think I'm eminently qualified to comment on WFH

  • Virus impact on wine

    13-03-2020 21:45:00

    Diageo, the largest alcoholic beverage company in the world, estimates that the loss in its fiscal year ending June 2020 would be between $300 million and $420 million

  • Undercover wine tasters

    28-02-2020 21:20:00

    It's a pity that good imported wines are so expensive in India

  • Why I love wine

    14-02-2020 22:48:00

    With spirits, one gets drunk; with beer you mostly burp

  • Wine and food pairings

    31-01-2020 21:54:00

    Apart from its characteristic ripe guava aroma, it is vibrant, with intense lemongrass and fresh ginger notes that highlight the core of citrus and pear flavours

  • The climate change riddle

    17-01-2020 21:36:00

    Warmer climes are opening up areas for viticulture that did not exist 35 years earlier, and this trend will only accelerate

  • Wines over the last decade

    03-01-2020 21:51:00

    Wine consumption in India grew at a steady 12-15 per cent annually this past decade to reach an estimated 4.5 million cases in 2019-20

  • Bring out the bubbly

    13-12-2019 22:41:00

    You know, of course, that while all Champagnes are sparkling wines, not all sparkling wines are Champagnes!

  • The wine hubs of Bengaluru

    29-11-2019 21:58:00

    The Tenuta Sant'Antonio Amarone 2013 is a complex bouquet of ripe fruit, liquorice, and black pepper, with hints of chocolate