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Alok Chandra

Alok Chandra

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  • More of the reds

    01-02-2019 19:55:00

    Priorat is a small hilly area about 150 km west of Barcelona that make its wines principally from Garnacha and Carignan

  • The best of red wines

    18-01-2019 22:59:00

    The Tenuta Sant'Antonio Amarone 2013 (Rs 6,825 in Bengaluru) is sublime and complex, with a full-bodied taste and lots of ripe fruit and spice on the palate

  • New year, new cellar

    04-01-2019 22:02:00

    Italian prosecco is quite trendy and a relatively inexpensive bubbly from the Glera grape

  • How old is an old wine?

    21-12-2018 21:40:00

    The garagiste Thunevin Bad Boy is full-bodied with loads of coffee, toast and fruit aromas, silky tannins and a juicy finish

  • A glass with Indian food

    08-12-2018 00:47:00

    The Mud House Pinot Noir 2016 is a medium-bodied wine with soft tannins, a good finish and nice notes of cherries, berries and spice/herbs

  • The Indian Wine Day

    23-11-2018 22:14:00

    This year, the second Indian Wine Day was held on Friday, 16 November

  • Clink the right glasses

    09-11-2018 20:48:00

    What is a 'proper' wine glass, and how does one go about choosing one?

  • What makes vintage wines

    26-10-2018 21:23:00

    Mind you, only a very small proportion of all wines will improve with age: most white wines should be drunk within two-three years and the reds at best within three-five years

  • Wine for thought

    12-10-2018 21:21:00

    Projecting a per capita wine consumption of 1 litre in 20 years would give us a market of 1.6 billion litres or 180 million cases - which meant a lot of opportunities to sell wines to Indians

  • One sip at a time

    28-09-2018 23:10:00

    Wine tasting is actually quite a lot of work: after the first few samples, both the nose and the palate start showing fatigue

  • Fruit of labour

    14-09-2018 21:47:00

    Wine grape harvesting was done by hand till advances in technology enabled machine-harvesting to increase the harvest speeds by up to 100 times

  • Wine and aphorisms

    31-08-2018 22:03:00

    "Life is too short to drink bad wine" (anonymous). Absolutely true, and something I like to put into practice

  • Where the spirit is freed

    17-08-2018 21:50:00

    To increase demand, you have to make it easier to import or produce wine, as well as make it easier to sell the stuff

  • Join the club

    03-08-2018 21:03:00

    Over a period of time, most wine clubs tend to become fairly exclusive

  • Wine matters and money

    21-07-2018 02:25:00

    Wine consumption in India should by now have jumped to at least 50 million cases