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Ambi Parameswaran

Ambi Parameswaran

Brand strategist and founder,

Ambi Parameswaran

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  • Do we know our customers?

    10-05-2022 22:42:00

    What is true for a luxury brand may also be true in a jewellery showroom or a durables showroom

  • Lifestage marketing & New Year resolutions

    12-04-2022 22:02:00

    It was the banking industry that pioneered the concept of lifestage marketing

  • How many words can you pack in an ad?

    08-03-2022 23:07:00

    It is said that Japanese television ads pack a lot of words, of­ten in just 15 seconds

  • Voter lists and marketing research

    08-02-2022 21:54:00

    Voter Lists were available for a small fee those days and all good market research agencies sourced these lists to create a sampling frame

  • FMCG distribution system in a flux

    11-01-2022 22:23:00

    Large companies that set up the complex distribution system in the country are today faced with the challenge of handling a many-headed monster

  • Does size matter?

    07-12-2021 23:50:00

    If what we are seeing is not a passing trend, video consumption in India is moving more and more towards the mobile phone

  • Who is your competition?

    09-11-2021 22:22:00

    Marketing Myopia: When Nirma was rising rapidly, grabbing a huge share of the middle-class washing market, HUL did not see it as real competition

  • Bollywood's reflection of tastes

    12-10-2021 22:28:00

    Have Bollywood movies, in terms of genres, been changing as well? Or is Bollywood still churning out a standardised masala mix product

  • An 'evolutionary psychology' explanation

    07-09-2021 22:04:00

    Studies have shown that across cultures, males tend to value physical attractiveness and youth in their mates, while females value financial prospects, ambition and industriousness

  • Rural consumers' brand adoption

    10-08-2021 21:49:00

    The question remains whether rural households that experimented with a packaged branded atta or packaged branded detergent will continue to use the same

  • Message in a bottle

    13-07-2021 21:49:00

    When Cristiano Ronaldo moved the Coke bottles from the media table, he was changing the nature of the Coke-FIFA Euro 2020 sponsorship contract

  • Influencing the influencers

    08-06-2021 21:44:00

    Why is ASCI asking social media influencers to flag that they are paid when a celebrity is featuring in an ad but is not disclosing that s/he is a paid endorser?

  • Beards become fashionable

    11-05-2021 21:11:00

    The slowing down of shaving habits has had a deep impact on one brand that stands for shaving: Gillette

  • Bindi hits the spot

    13-04-2021 22:17:00

    It is now left to be seen if the bindi gets a global sheen, thanks to Nasa's Swati Mohan

  • Board games spin new tales

    09-03-2021 23:05:00

    Folks getting tired of playing games on their phones are looking for a different way to engage their senses and bond with friends and family