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Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta

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  • Gimme an F

    03-05-2019 23:54:00

    The point is that the use of expletives can be counterproductive if they don't enhance the arguments made by the songwriter

  • The joke's on you, scamster

    22-01-2016 16:02:00

    How an alert customer outsmarted a phone-banking crook and (hopefully) got him going round in circles

  • Even JRD Tata didn't go to college

    29-05-2014 14:49:00

    Some solace for Smriti Irani. None of these leading lights are graduates, some of them didn't even finish school

  • Farewell, Happy Time Lion

    20-03-2014 15:13:00

    Fearlessly honest, brash, sexist, joker... Khushwant Singh was someone we'd all love to hate

  • Amit Gupta: Big Pharma's profiteering protests

    11-02-2014 21:46:00

    The war against the Indian patent regime is little more than multinationals' chagrin at their inability to exercise monopolies

  • House of wax

    01-02-2014 20:30:00

    This isn't anything like Andre de Toth's 1953 chilling classic by that name. It's a museum in Lonavala that is bound to give London's famed Madame Tussaud a run for its money

  • The number cruncher and a zillion grains of rice

    26-04-2013 17:56:00

    The sheer speed and precision with which she solved extremely tough math problems was what made Shakuntala Devi a super star

  • Half-baked research and lies

    01-04-2013 21:15:00

    Why large pharma companies should not be allowed to charge whatever they like for life-saving drugs