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Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon

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  • Circling to land

    23-05-2022 22:40:00

    Companies and boards must be prepared to face the messy reality of ESG

  • Index funds are here to stay

    19-04-2022 23:07:00

    As the asset management industry grows in heft, and within it the index funds gain traction, it is this ability to engage that will influence how corporate India functions

  • When less is more

    15-03-2022 23:25:00

    As investors sit outside the board room looking in, they do not really know which of the directors has been constructive or how much each individual director has contributed

  • A new frontier for regulators

    15-02-2022 22:29:00

    While institutional investors still own roughly the same amount of equity that they did a few years ago, they are now far more vocal

  • What is on the board's agenda this year?

    18-01-2022 23:43:00

    One thing that has assumed primacy during the last 18 months is the ongoing talent war

  • An over-engineered social stock exchange?

    20-12-2021 23:03:00

    With over Rs 246 billion spent by companies on corporate social responsibility in FY20, the social sector is now deep

  • When investors come knocking

    19-10-2021 23:04:00

    As the industry has matured and the gap between the returns has narrowed, public and private markets have begun to overlap

  • Thumb on the scale

    29-09-2021 22:53:00

    In India, the regulators' focus rightly is on control through the voting mechanism

  • For each one, lose one

    18-08-2021 00:20:00

    'To have sensible regulations, the agency must put itself in the regulated entities' shoes', says the author

  • A future without promoters

    20-07-2021 22:39:00

    India's corporate landscape is changing, and the economy is set to change with it, notes Amit Tandon

  • Europe's fund managers get a green makeover

    15-06-2021 22:48:00

    ESG or sustainable Environmental, Social and Governance investment has grown exponentially in recent times

  • The coming surge in chairpersons emeritus

    18-05-2021 22:37:00

    Since no part of the Companies Act deals with chairperson emeritus, these appointments will have to be governed by a formal contract between the company and the individual or under its articles

  • A woke board for India

    20-04-2021 00:35:00

    Are Indian boards too docile when dealing with the State? Should they be more vocal regarding policy?

  • Shareholders vs stakeholders, once more

    10-03-2021 00:39:00

    The debate resurfaced last month after JP Morgan's board rejected the switch to become a shareholder-focused entity

  • Having your cake and eating it

    26-01-2021 23:24:00

    The relative underperformance of PSU shares in the market reflects all that is wrong with the current ownership and governance structure