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Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon

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  • A woke board for India

    20-04-2021 00:35:00

    Are Indian boards too docile when dealing with the State? Should they be more vocal regarding policy?

  • Shareholders vs stakeholders, once more

    10-03-2021 00:39:00

    The debate resurfaced last month after JP Morgan's board rejected the switch to become a shareholder-focused entity

  • Having your cake and eating it

    26-01-2021 23:24:00

    The relative underperformance of PSU shares in the market reflects all that is wrong with the current ownership and governance structure

  • Hear the drumbeat, it is green

    21-12-2020 22:51:00

    From the PM, to regulators, to those setting global standards, to investors, to the communities companies operate in, to the millennials who will be their future customers, the drumbeat is changing

  • Boards and digital governance

    24-11-2020 01:46:00

    Digital governance concerns itself with establishing a framework or rules for laying down or smoothening a company's digital presence

  • Preparing for the next crisis

    29-10-2020 01:20:00

    The last two decades have been peppered with events like 9/11, the financial crisis, the taper tantrum and now Covid-19, with many regional and consequently less calamitous occurrences

  • Virtual shareholder meetings are here to stay

    15-09-2020 01:25:00

    Virtual meetings have no doubt preserved the form of AGM's but have also provided us with a window to rethink their substance

  • Banks in India: Too few to fail

    17-08-2020 23:58:00

    Forget the health of the banks, what should be worrying the regulators is just the number of banks through which such financial intermediation can take place

  • Shouldn't pay be for performance?

    23-07-2020 23:28:00

    Compensation is payment for what has been done. Performance is all about what has been achieved. Both can be measured. Surely, it cannot be so difficult to link the two

  • Extending the board's reach

    25-06-2020 22:25:00

    The governance of group companies will increasingly be an area of focus for the Sebi

  • Beyond financial numbers

    28-05-2020 22:11:00

    The need to present investors with meaningful business commentary is greater during periods of extreme disruption like the one we are going through than when it's business as usual

  • Slash dividend & prioritise shoring up balance sheet

    02-04-2020 23:06:00

    Only after business has stabilised and there is visibility ahead should companies look at paying their shareholders

  • Independent directors: Underpaid & unappreciated

    26-03-2020 21:39:00

    Independent directors have been in the eye of the storm for their inability to guide companies or being able to stand up to controlling shareholders

  • One India, one stewardship

    18-02-2020 23:09:00

    While the stewardship codes were first rolled out in 2017, India's experience with stewardship began earlier with Sebi's March 2010 circular.

  • Five trends that will shape governance in 2020s

    16-01-2020 21:00:00

    Governance is a journey, not a destination