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Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon

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  • Slash dividend & prioritise shoring up balance sheet

    02-04-2020 23:06:00

    Only after business has stabilised and there is visibility ahead should companies look at paying their shareholders

  • Independent directors: Underpaid & unappreciated

    26-03-2020 21:39:00

    Independent directors have been in the eye of the storm for their inability to guide companies or being able to stand up to controlling shareholders

  • One India, one stewardship

    18-02-2020 23:09:00

    While the stewardship codes were first rolled out in 2017, India's experience with stewardship began earlier with Sebi's March 2010 circular.

  • Five trends that will shape governance in 2020s

    16-01-2020 21:00:00

    Governance is a journey, not a destination

  • Who owns listed companies?

    12-12-2019 20:41:00

    Institutional investors hold 41 per cent of the global market cap, with close to half of it as part of a passive strategy

  • The elephant in the board room

    28-11-2019 21:39:00

    The separation of the roles of the chairman and MD/CEO was bound to be contentious from the time it was mooted. Surprisingly, it took two years for industry to formally raise this issue

  • Corporates 2.0: Profit with a purpose

    24-10-2019 20:54:00

    The corporation is more than just about sustainable production. It is about companies taking into account the social order in which they operate

  • Selling less while raising more

    29-08-2019 21:25:00

    Clearer commercial focus and tighter financial discipline may yield a steady steam of dividends

  • Can a broken songbird sing?

    20-06-2019 20:47:00

    From principles of prudence and conservatism, which enabled auditors to certify that the numbers are "true and fair", there is a shift to "fair value"

  • A single-point agenda

    25-04-2019 21:05:00

    As companies enter the new financial year, it is worth pausing and looking at the lessons that the just completed year has had to offer, and what will be on the agenda for the coming year

  • Boards and political funding

    21-03-2019 20:36:00

    In a perfect world, business and political parties need to maintain a respectful distance. But given the influence policy has on the fortunes of a business, it is naïve to expect this

  • Will banks get their remuneration policy right?

    07-03-2019 21:01:00

    By focusing on pay, the regulator is signalling where its priorities lie

  • How to benefit from cross-border listing

    12-02-2019 20:44:00

    While Indian companies want to list off-shore, the country's strategic interests are better served if it encourages companies incorporated outside India to list on Indian exchanges

  • Do we really need dual-class shares?

    25-12-2018 22:48:00

    The recent roll-out of stewardship codes empowers shareholders, forcing managements to change behaviour

  • Fifty shades of green

    04-12-2018 00:56:00

    Investors are increasingly factoring in environmental, social and governance factors into their investment decisions