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Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon

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  • What next for IL&FS?

    04-10-2018 01:27:00

    Appointing a new board is the easy first step, now the heavy lifting has to begin

  • For want of a nail the battle is being lost

    16-09-2018 22:31:00

    How board compositions and tenures are costing PSUs their leadership

  • The brouhaha over the HDFC vote

    13-08-2018 20:51:00

    If we want more nuanced shareholder voting, we need to ensure that pools of capital and their managers reside in India. This alone will ensure a win for Indian industry

  • Auditors: Signing out

    19-06-2018 05:54:00

    Unfortunately, regulations today do not permit a more open dialogue between auditors and investors

  • Don't just play the hand you've been dealt

    28-05-2018 05:54:00

    The coming AGM season is an opportunity for investors to signal how they view developments, not merely through their voting, but in terms of changes they would like to see

  • Top board agenda this financial year

    16-04-2018 05:54:00

    Review of the credit profile, reskilling the board and succession planning, interacting and communicating with investors and other stakeholders, among other things, will help broaden the board's agend

  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code left far too much room for interpretation

    12-03-2018 05:56:00

    Given how high the stakes are for promoters for whom their companies are their only identity and for bidders who are hoping to take a competitor out, litigation should have been expected

  • PNB scam and state-owned banks: The writing on the wall

    28-02-2018 05:53:00

    Any of the Indian private sector banks will be happy to step in and help, including taking some of these banks from the government's protective hands, if asked. Why not take help, when it is so close

  • Lessons from Satyam

    11-01-2018 22:40:00

    The manner in which the firm was wound down is the only lesson worth preserving

  • Boardrooms must have conscience

    24-12-2017 21:39:00

    Directors, including CEOs, are increasingly expected to speak up in the boardroom. They may do so based on their personal conviction or their understanding of the company's culture or desirable values

  • Ram rajya and total societal indicators

    29-11-2017 22:39:00

    Total Societal Impact is the total benefit to society from a company's products, services, operations, core capabilities and activities

  • Pressing ahead for change

    25-10-2017 22:39:00

    The Kotak Committee has made wide-ranging recommendations and sees the boards and auditors as the two critical gatekeepers

  • Shaping governance practices

    03-10-2017 22:39:00

    Indian institutional investors have important lessons to learn from the policies of an investment management company

  • Defaulting on debt and disclosures

    14-08-2017 22:39:00

    Sebi circular of August 4 asking corporations to disclose delays/defaults addresses number of issues

  • Now trending: Board-managed companies

    19-07-2017 22:39:00

    The board will take on a more complex role and its skill set will see an overhaul