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Amol Agrawal

Amol Agrawal

The author is faculty at Ahmedabad University and runs Mostly Economics

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  • A tale of hubris, luck and ignorance

    20-04-2020 23:43:00

    One cannot help notice three similarities in Covid-19 and the Global Financial Crisis

  • An African monetary union worth watching

    04-01-2020 19:37:00

    Member-countries will need to work much harder to come anywhere close to the integration they are visualising with the common currency project. It is an important milestone in world monetary history

  • Loan mela comeback: Missed history lessons

    26-09-2019 20:18:00

    The loan mela announced by Union FM Sitharaman is not new. It was initiated under Indira Gandhi's term and it failed miserably

  • The central 'enemy'

    07-09-2019 00:49:00

    Tweetstorm has become a new way for governments to express disappointment with central banks

  • Beware digital promise

    27-07-2019 00:56:00

    With these big firms keeping data of whatever we do and increasingly of our spending as well, the society is becoming more vulnerable

  • Rules in cricket and economics are fallible

    18-07-2019 21:29:00

    One common rule behind all the rules is that they need to be changed with time, be it cricket or traffic or taxes

  • The decline of economists

    06-07-2019 22:28:00

    Economists are losing out as governments, increasingly averse to independent-minded central bankers, are choosing to give the job to administrators instead

  • English comeback

    29-06-2019 00:58:00

    Just like Cricket England, the Bank of England converted the crisis into an opportunity

  • Building a specialised supervisory cadre at the central bank

    09-06-2019 21:54:00

    The blame for the ongoing banking crises lies not just with bankers but also with the supervisors

  • Who wants a central bank job?

    16-05-2019 21:41:00

    The authority of central bankers is being compromised in interesting ways across the world by elected powers