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Anand Sankar

Anand Sankar

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  • Anand Sankar: The real cost of disaster management

    16-10-2013 21:44:00

    The successful effort to combat cyclone Phailin threatens to put disaster mitigation, and a fundamental overhaul of how disaster management in India is structured, on the back-burner

  • Signs of a north-eastern sunrise

    24-07-2013 21:46:00

    Exciting times may be ahead for the much neglected north-east region with several turnkey infrastructure projects coming to fruition, opening opportunities to closer links with Myanmar for business

  • The con who was conned

    23-07-2013 21:25:00

    Guy Lawson's book is not a conspiracy theory; it is an honest account of a person, and an event that affected real money

  • Dammed if you don't

    26-06-2013 21:46:00

    The uproar over 'dams' following the Uttarakhand disaster is ill-informed & potentially counter-productive