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Anjuli Bhargava

Anjuli Bhargava

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  • Oh for a simpler world?

    24-05-2021 23:43:00

    Well, never underestimate this country and how badly or well something may be managed unless you experience it for yourself

  • Mayday in April

    26-04-2021 22:47:00

    Aviation experts and analysts said that the second wave was likely to be crippling for a sector that was already gasping for air

  • A flight of fancy in Worli

    29-03-2021 22:19:00

    Top representatives of Banana Republic Securities and Mumbai Airline's bosses meet in Worli to discuss IPO plans of the airline

  • Rumblings and grumblings in the sky

    22-02-2021 23:49:00

    International traffic is showing no sign of picking up and for Indian carriers, West Asia - a lucrative market - is still out of bounds

  • Tata's airline dilemma

    26-01-2021 01:52:00

    A Tata takeover of Air India is being seen as the best outcome for all concerned

  • A swayamvar and a high-maintenance bride

    22-12-2020 23:17:00

    The analogy of Sita's swayamvar seems to work perfectly for the sale of Air India

  • And then there were none

    25-11-2020 00:53:00

    For Jet's revival, Mr Jalan should be on the scene long enough for everyone to get to know him, appreciate his skills, and not vanish into thin air within a matter of months or even weeks

  • Missing pieces in Jet's revival plan

    27-10-2020 23:06:00

    After 18 months of closure, what really could be salvaged? And the answer sadly is, precious little

  • Silver lining in a darkening sky

    29-09-2020 01:53:00

    Confidence that aircraft can be safely boarded is slowly returning

  • Immigrant worlds

    24-09-2020 00:56:00

    If ever there was a book that begs, demands and screams for film adaptation it is American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

  • Rising from the debris

    01-09-2020 00:23:00

    Many Tata loyalists believe that the group has already bitten off more than it can chew

  • The flawed and the unforgettable

    18-08-2020 22:26:00

    Perhaps the book that has disturbed me the most among the lot that I've read during the pandemic-induced lockdown has been Tara Westover's memoir Educated

  • Theatre of the absurd

    20-07-2020 23:25:00

    Some recent decisions taken by Air India's board are beyond comprehension

  • The art of metamorphosis

    06-07-2020 20:55:00

    A relief effort in Goa is transforming into a movement to drive long-term change

  • Missing the woods for the trees

    22-06-2020 21:47:00

    Academicians, parents, the HRD ministry and society as a whole need to place the mental well-being of children above everything else during and post the pandemic