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Anjuli Bhargava

Anjuli Bhargava

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  • Missing the woods for the trees

    22-06-2020 21:47:00

    Academicians, parents, the HRD ministry and society as a whole need to place the mental well-being of children above everything else during and post the pandemic

  • When the masks fell off

    08-06-2020 21:11:00

    Their handling of employees as the Covid-19 crisis played out revealed the true character of aviation sector players

  • Bravehearts on board

    25-05-2020 21:52:00

    What happens after the initial pent-up demand for air travel wanes?

  • Chinks in the armour

    11-05-2020 22:15:00

    The Covid crisis has revealed many shortcomings in India's school education system

  • The lull before the storm

    27-04-2020 22:09:00

    Starvation deaths post-Covid are likely to gallop in India's most vulnerable states unless the Centre steps in

  • At the heart of a crisis

    13-04-2020 22:43:00

    Let's rejoice in the fact that India's heart is in the right place

  • Revival, not survival

    31-03-2020 00:26:00

    Going ahead, the government's policy actions for the aviation sector needs to be less myopic

  • The Byju's phenomenon

    16-03-2020 21:55:00

    The poster boy of ed-tech Byju Raveendran has a lot resting on his capable shoulders

  • The new kid in town

    02-03-2020 21:33:00

    Edtech products and companies are still looked at with suspicion by brick-and-mortar players in India's education space

  • The NEP can wait

    17-02-2020 21:10:00

    Reforms in the education sector must begin with some key steps

  • Long wait for buyer

    03-02-2020 21:44:00

    Despite not being a minister, here's why I would be wary of touching this "gold mine"

  • The long, circuitous road to success

    20-01-2020 21:50:00

    Delhi school reforms need to bring more students under their fold and be ready to tackle the "private" backlash

  • Solo in 2020

    06-01-2020 21:01:00

    Air India's prospects of finding a good match look bleak

  • A new, alien animal

    23-12-2019 22:00:00

    The aviation sector in India has undergone a structural change - from one dominated by personalities to one dominated by well... nothingness

  • Going solo

    09-12-2019 21:54:00

    Through ups and dramatic downs, SpiceJet's Ajay Singh is steering his rocky boat all on his own