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Arunabha Ghosh

Arunabha Ghosh

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  • Needed: Global Risk Pooling Reserve Fund

    26-05-2020 23:58:00

    According to the World Bank, 60 million people worldwide will fall back into extreme poverty as a result of the severe economic crisis unleashed by Sars-CoV-2

  • New multilateralism with old paradigms?

    16-04-2020 23:44:00

    The biggest armies and the biggest economies failed against a microscopic virus - the weakest link undid decades of progress

  • This is what a perfect storm looks like

    17-03-2020 00:38:00

    A series of environmental, economic and social crises that overwhelm the capacity of states and communities to respond, adapt and rejuvenate

  • Many (new) avatars of energy (in)security

    25-02-2020 00:46:00

    On all four dimensions, there are either new complications for old concerns or emerging anxieties in an energy transition.

  • Natural farming for fiscal prudence?

    21-01-2020 00:26:00

    Natural farming is an alternative to chemical fertiliser-based and high input cost agriculture

  • Saving the planet - in three acts

    24-12-2019 01:30:00

    Restoring trust in any relationship must start with honesty, then shift to addressing past wrongs, eventually leading to vows to work together

  • Green economy to the economy's rescue

    25-11-2019 23:57:00

    India's economy needs a renewed boost of structural reforms, just when a second generation of green policies is also needed

  • Taxing or trading our environmental sins?

    22-10-2019 01:17:00

    A wider portfolio of policies, applicable to all competitors, are needed before businesses consider deep mitigation actions

  • Big bets for heavy (green) industries

    23-09-2019 23:45:00

    Can Indian manufacturing remain competitive, add to national income and create jobs, despite environmental constraints imposing hard choices on patterns of industrial development?

  • Development dilemmas, at home and abroad

    20-08-2019 01:27:00

    The confluence of an impossible trinity at home and natural, economic, technological and geopolitical disruptions globally raises major concerns

  • The agony and the urgency of water

    23-07-2019 01:18:00

    As one of the fastest urbanising countries in the world, Indian cities need to respond to symptoms of acute water crisis and fix water mismanagement

  • Mission-mode to sustainability and growth

    25-06-2019 00:49:00

    States must update their action plans on climate change with a deeper understanding of climate risks

  • Save wind energy from the doldrums

    20-05-2019 23:40:00

    Policymakers must choose between two approaches: To distribute the capacity or distribute the energy generated

  • Governing uncertainty in geoengineering

    23-04-2019 00:32:00

    Climate geoengineering is deliberate large-scale intervention in Earth's climate system to limit adverse global warming

  • Green to great industrial policy

    26-03-2019 00:16:00

    Creating enabling conditions for effective green industrial policy is hard, but it is the only way towards becoming a great economy that shapes the future