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Arundhuti Dasgupta

Arundhuti Dasgupta

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  • Designed to order

    14-12-2018 22:42:00

    If the ancients knew that they could interfere with the genetic code, the bag of worms, would they have done that? And should we do it today?

  • In the name of Rama

    09-11-2018 22:02:00

    As our political leaders vie for eternal glory and cast their heroes in two-dimensional moulds, our ability to live with many truths is fast disappearing

  • Goddess power

    13-10-2018 00:09:00

    Among the most enduring myths around Durga is the slaying of the buffalo demon, Mahishasura, which also earns her the epithet of Mahishasuramardini

  • Myths about gender

    14-09-2018 20:53:00

    Mythology and folklore certainly examined the issues around gender with a boldness that seems way ahead of its times

  • Reading Sita differently

    24-08-2018 22:07:00

    Anita Sivakumaran's book is part of the tradition of women using the old and familiar myths and legends to tell their own stories

  • Anger on the streets

    10-08-2018 22:02:00

    The burning of the Khandava forest for instance is an act of extreme violence, unforgivable within the epic's own moral code

  • Mobs of death

    13-07-2018 21:02:00

    Majoritarian policies do the most damage when they fuel anger against the Other

  • The theatre of democracy

    22-06-2018 22:32:00

    Democracy, wisdom and war are linked in a complex web in ancient society

  • The gods of tech

    11-05-2018 22:07:00

    The technology that powers AI comes with two faces, one that opens the door to a future utopia and another that lets in dystopia

  • The political power of a fast

    13-04-2018 23:33:00

    As politicians continue to use the ancient practice to score brownie points in their present-day electoral battles, it may be wise to know that not every fast results in a desirable ending

  • Death is a philosopher god, burdened with task of delivering unhappy truth

    23-03-2018 20:52:00

    Death is inevitable, however unpalatable and grievous it may be, the myths tell us

  • Gender equality not a colour that you can use to spruce up a failing career

    10-02-2018 05:55:00

    Inclusion has never been a straight road and stories from ancient cultures show it has always been a struggle to accord equal status to all genders and species

  • The lore of revolt

    19-01-2018 22:49:00

    Protests are the hallmark of a democracy and every society and age has had to grapple with its own set of revolts

  • Imagined geographies

    08-12-2017 23:30:00

    Myths look at geography as a tapestry of stories, songs, legends and climactic events

  • Power and abuse

    17-11-2017 21:51:00

    Abuse of power is an eons-old occupational hazard and yet there are very few who do not fall prey to its wiles