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Ashish Sharma

Ashish Sharma

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  • Rahul, Marx, Dhinchak Pooja

    03-11-2017 22:38:00

    In a landscape dominated by social media, everything begins to matter less for what it is than for how many likes or re-tweets it can generate

  • Dematerialising Diwali

    21-10-2017 00:01:00

    By bringing the culture of virtual spaces to the culture of Diwali, our celebrations differed from conventional celebrations in one crucial aspect: ecological impact

  • Internet economy

    07-10-2017 01:10:00

    Millennials roaming cyberspace can make an economy sputter even further by not participating in Real Life

  • We the people

    22-09-2017 23:02:00

    Thirty thousand youth join the job market every day, Gandhi said, but the government creates only 500 jobs a day

  • Harvesting digital produce

    08-09-2017 22:35:00

    SC's judgment could make you own your personal avatars as you do in Second Life virtual world

  • The Matrix, reloaded

    25-08-2017 23:51:00

    An online challenge game called Blue Whale is leading children to their deaths

  • Virtual policies

    12-08-2017 00:18:00

    Real Life actors such as RBI try to manage supply of money to keep inflation in check

  • Self-harm on social media

    04-08-2017 23:59:00

    Blue Whale is believed to be a social media group encouraging young people to kill themselves

  • Real Life more addictive than the net

    28-07-2017 23:06:00

    Needless to say, Real Life is a very popular MMORPG

  • Real life's Good and Simple Tax

    14-07-2017 23:47:00

    Tax revenue could drain away if rampant GST-free activity takes place in cyberspace

  • A toxin-free work culture

    30-06-2017 23:15:00

    Uber has been in news for 'toxic work culture' and its CEO Travis Kalanick has finally stepped down

  • Everything for free

    17-06-2017 00:16:00

    A day will come when farmers, too, celebrate extreme productivity, bumper output and pricelessness

  • Derivative of slow growth

    03-06-2017 00:13:00

    If the amount of wealth per person rises in a virtual world, that is a problem

  • Market power of a shorty

    19-05-2017 23:24:00

    Online dating is perhaps the clearest example of market principles in the world of romance

  • Real Life turns off red beacon

    06-05-2017 00:13:00

    In Real Life we continue to hate inequality: we expect the rich to be humble