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Bibek Debroy

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  • Darjeeling in 1905

    08-11-2018 21:30:00

    The two most important factors in the development of Darjeeling have been the choice of the district for a health resort and the subsequent planting of tea in the hills

  • Howrah in 1909

    24-10-2018 21:50:00

    The district gazetteer for Howrah in 1909 has a description of the district that is considerably different from today's Howrah

  • Gurgaon in 1883

    11-10-2018 22:27:00

    What was the irrigation system like? And how were ailments treated?

  • What Delhi looked like in 1883-84

    20-09-2018 20:18:00

    Not much was manufactured in the city and one could actually see the Himalayas from Delhi, according to the Delhi Gazetteer for the period

  • Rohtak, more than one hundred years ago

    06-09-2018 21:03:00

    Would you have expected irrigation and canals to lead to inferior health outcomes?

  • A treasure trove of information

    23-08-2018 20:38:00

    The British were wonderful at documenting and the colonial gazetteers contain information of great strategic importance

  • Gauge conversion issues

    09-08-2018 22:58:00

    In this process, 36 unmanned level crossings were eliminated and replaced by manned level crossings

  • A sugar mill locomotive

    26-07-2018 21:34:00

    When we think of assets of sick public sector enterprises, we think of land or plant and machinery. But there are locomotives too

  • The case of the missing locomotives

    13-07-2018 06:00:00

    One of the four steam locomotives that turned up in 1909 is on display at National Railway Museum. A second locomotive is on a plinth in Amritsar workshop

  • Coaches and numbers

    29-06-2018 05:59:00

    A new report about gangs stealing coaches from Ranchi is simply inaccurate. However, with multiple marshalling yards in Delhi, coaches could have got misplaced

  • Ups and downs in the Railways

    19-06-2018 05:56:00

    There are several chapters that transcend the personal and have insights about railway policy - dishonesty and falsification of records, safety and corruption

  • The existence of railway hospitals

    15-06-2018 05:52:00

    In a way, Indian Railways already allows for competition. In addition to 125 railway hospitals, 133 private hospitals are recognised for treatment

  • What's the job of any railways in the world?

    01-06-2018 05:59:00

    ...To run trains, not run schools. Indeed, other than India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Uganda, there is no other place where railways run schools

  • Accrual accounting & the landing of a pilot

    18-05-2018 05:54:00

    The Indian Railways' recent decision to switch from cash-based to accrual-based accounting brings to fruition a vision that found mention in the Railway Minister's Budget Speech for 2003-04

  • A paper tiger express

    04-05-2018 05:54:00

    There isn't an alternative to trains slowing down on sensitive tiger corridors, especially at night. Otherwise, the Tiger Express may not have any tigers left to see