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Bibek Debroy

Bibek Debroy

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  • Urban woes and construction catastrophe

    20-07-2022 23:30:00

    The logic of developing a city should be to foster ease of living for its people and not profits for its developers

  • What makes an area urban?

    22-06-2022 23:34:00

    The variations in determining what can be classified as cities are as dynamic as cities themselves

  • Increasing the pace of India's urbanisation

    19-05-2022 02:30:00

    The rate of urbanisation needs to be moderated in a way that the influx of population is not concentrated in bigger cities only

  • Urbanisation and development

    20-04-2022 23:49:00

    The relation between economic growth rate and the degree of urbanisation is mutually reinforcing, as higher economic growth results in high incomes that influence the rate of urbanisation

  • Gains in translation

    29-06-2020 23:39:00

    Before 1914, there was no proper copyright legislation in India

  • Lutyens Delhi: A state of mind

    03-09-2019 21:44:00

    The Government of India, according to a 1913 report, had placed their requirements at 10 square miles for the new city and 15 square miles for the cantonment

  • The Jagannath road

    13-08-2019 21:12:00

    What is common to Kisari Mohan Ganguli and Manmatha Nath Dutt? Towards end of the 19th century, both translated the Mahabharata, in unabridged form, from Sanskrit to English

  • Thomason and Roorkee

    02-05-2019 21:24:00

    A trip to IIT Roorkee leads to the discovery of a colonial-era engineer who has the distinction of an educational institution and a locomotive being named after him.

  • Srinagar to Leh

    04-04-2019 21:50:00

    But was trade to Ladakh and beyond really that important, as opposed to strategic importance of the road?

  • Kalka to Shimla by road

    07-02-2019 21:45:00

    There were multiple reasons for building this road - possible trade ties with Tibet, strategic cum defence reasons, connectivity to hill stations.

  • A bridge over the Damodar

    17-01-2019 20:59:00

    When one reads old district gazetteers, one marvels at the wealth of material and at the reading habits of the authors

  • On the grand trunk road

    03-01-2019 20:37:00

    What is a "trunk road" and who decided GT Road and BT Road should be trunk roads? Also, what does it take for a truck road to become an "imperial" trunk road?

  • Trip down Grand Trunk Road

    20-12-2018 20:41:00

    Under the Maurya Empire, roads were built, one from Takshashila to Pataliputra and beyond. There can never be an exact match, but that's more or less what GT Road is

  • A sense of deja vu

    06-12-2018 21:53:00

    In 1927-28, the Indian Road Development Committee, chaired by M R Jayakar, had implicitly thought of a multi-layered network of roads, main roads and feeder roads

  • The Imperial Gazetteer on roads

    22-11-2018 21:42:00

    Before the advent of British rule, roadways in the modern sense were practically unknown; and even after its establishment there were few to be found, except within urban limits