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Chandru Chawla

Chandru Chawla

The author is executive vice-president, Cipla

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  • India Inc must seize climate initiative

    04-09-2018 20:47:00

    But who will take the lead? The traditional do-gooders or the young turks? Who will be the first to say, "We are in"?

  • Business for posterity

    10-01-2018 22:18:00

    Companies must create value through transformational impact on the planet

  • Mahatma the CEO

    11-10-2017 22:21:00

    In Gandhi, a modern leader will find various tools that could work well even today

  • When will Indian innovation come of age?

    27-09-2017 22:40:00

    An innovator creates intellectual property for a need no one knows exists

  • Sunrise at sunset point

    14-09-2017 22:39:00

    To win the battle of perception, the Indian pharma industry should focus on capital allocation choices and capability building