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Debashis Basu

Debashis Basu

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  • End arbitrary account-freeze by banks

    26-04-2021 00:26:00

    A longer-term solution is to allow customers to easily vote with their feet

  • Sebi's delay makes RIL order absurd

    11-04-2021 23:20:00

    In January 2000, the promoters of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), and other entities acting in concert, raised their stake in RIL by 6.83 per cent through converting warrants issued in 1994

  • Defending Sebi on Saradha scam

    28-03-2021 23:42:00

    The CBI last week searched the residences of three officers of the Sebi in connection with the Saradha Ponzi scheme

  • NSE outage: More serious questions

    14-03-2021 23:11:00

    The outage caused a serious embarrassment, not only for the NSE but also for the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) and the government of India

  • NSE continues to get favoured treatment

    01-03-2021 00:13:00

    In 1992, when the NSE was conceived, the idea was to offer strong competition to the unruly BSE. The situation has long reversed

  • Privatisation: But from which PM Modi?

    14-02-2021 22:57:00

    Human memory is short. That alone can explain why many are deliriously happy with his latest slogans and ignore seven years of poor "doing business" climate, taxtortion, extortionate oil prices

  • Occupy Wall Street 2.0

    31-01-2021 22:36:00

    The GameStop saga has opened up a new frontier of anger against the financial elites. It is Occupy 2.0 with a big difference

  • Easy money = higher stocks? Think again

    17-01-2021 23:13:00

    It seems intuitively obvious that easy money would find its way into stocks, but evidence on the ground is too thin

  • Stock market: When even hindsight isn't 2020

    03-01-2021 22:58:00

    Forecasting is a hit or miss business even in normal times. And at a time when even hindsight is not 2020, predict at your own peril what will happen in 2021

  • Farm reforms: Now, a three-act tragedy

    20-12-2020 22:26:00

    The fairy tale outcome of these reforms would be better infrastructure and market access, which could take the rural economy to new heights

  • Companies in banking? Wrong debate

    06-12-2020 22:52:00

    India had already allowed businesses houses to enter banking in its 2013 bank licensing guidelines

  • Banking reforms: The real metrics

    22-11-2020 23:02:00

    Under Shaktikanta Das, RBI has been moving speedily on banking reforms. The most crucial question is, will any of this mean a big difference to the quality and cost of banking services for depositors?

  • Fleecing of floating rate borrowers continues

    08-11-2020 23:23:00

    The fleecing of borrowers is so widespread and egregious that Moneylife Foundation filed a PIL (public interest litigation) petition, leading to an order by SC asking the RBI, to respond in six weeks

  • Prediction-addiction, despite being in a fog

    25-10-2020 22:56:00

    We are usually wrong in our predictions about the economy and market, especially since we bring in our own biases to fill the vast gaps in our information. And yet, we cannot help but predict

  • Financial offences? Pay a small change, and carry on

    11-10-2020 22:37:00

    Scams, misconduct, and misdemeanours happen with high regularity not because these are inevitable, but because the price of getting caught is insignificant