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Debashis Basu

Debashis Basu

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  • Strong expectations from a weak state

    24-05-2020 23:18:00

    The Indian state has been weak, and remains weak. But our expectations from it remain strong

  • FDI shift from China? A joke

    10-05-2020 23:51:00

    The orchestra is building up to a crescendo

  • Why Franklin-type fiasco will keep repeating

    26-04-2020 23:43:00

    What went wrong? Is there a systemic flaw? Is there a role for the regulator here? Can this happen again? What should you do to avoid such accidents?

  • Four fallouts of Covid-19 mishandling

    12-04-2020 23:21:00

    A disruption in supply chain, no cash flow, non-availability of labour, and the fall in purchasing power will break many businesses

  • COVID-19: Prepare for second-order effects

    30-03-2020 00:26:00

    Brace yourself for huge, nasty surprises and hope for lucky breaks. It may be a long, bumpy ride

  • What kind of bear market is this?

    15-03-2020 23:06:00

    Are the markets overreacting? On Friday, the Indian markets were locked in the lower circuit on opening and leading to a mandatory halt in trading for 45 minutes

  • Weak economy is host to coronavirus attack

    01-03-2020 23:34:00

    Set against the virus scare and a global market crash, the latest economic numbers presents a scary scenario, especially since the December quarter in a given year is one of the strongest.

  • The unintended fallout of RBI's loose money

    16-02-2020 23:30:00

    Since the high cost of funds is holding up lending, if the RBI forcibly reduces bond yields, banks will borrow cheap under LTROs and lend more

  • Blaming the Budget? Blame your beliefs

    02-02-2020 21:12:00

    Budget was a disappointment for the market but why despite six previous flop shows, the business community had fervid belief that the seventh time would be any different?

  • Is regulatory friction really unintended?

    19-01-2020 23:37:00

    The real agenda of the government became clear in 2014 itself, even as businessmen, financial sector experts, and most of media continued to live under a mass delusion

  • Ease of living, in a punitive state

    05-01-2020 23:34:00

    Under this government, slogans, memes, catchphrases, alliterative coinages, and clever abbreviations abound. One of them being repeated ad nauseam is ease of living

  • Governance by diktat, in an echo chamber

    22-12-2019 23:47:00

    Is the current mood of the nation turning in the direction similar to the days of Congress-led government in 2011-13?

  • Economy: This is as good as it gets

    08-12-2019 23:59:00

    Structural reforms are much less about privatisation, land, and labour, and more about expanding the scope of private enterprises and allowing them to be more competitive and productive

  • Dr Singh's off-tune song

    24-11-2019 23:47:00

    Remember the retrospective amendments and general anti-avoidance rules of the Congress regime? Not a great example of trust and confidence.

  • Three hurdles for the realty fund

    11-11-2019 01:24:00

    While the real estate fund is desirable, the question is: Will this let reckless finance companies and obdurate real estate developers off the hook?