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Geetanjali Krishna

Geetanjali Krishna

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  • When phones replace textbooks

    24-07-2020 21:11:00

    It wasn't much of a long-term plan given that schools may not be able to open any time soon

  • No pride in being Maid in India

    10-07-2020 22:51:00

    Informal surveys indicate 85 per cent of these workers found themselves unceremoniously thrown out of jobs or forced to accept pay cuts during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown

  • Needed: Cure for lockdown woes

    03-07-2020 21:11:00

    Sunil Mishra runs a pavement stall selling readymade garments in Delhi's bustling Karol Bagh. He migrated here from Bihar's Madhubani district in 1987

  • The difficult life of a Gond painter

    26-06-2020 23:43:00

    Patangarh is a village of artists which owes its artistic legacy to the great Gond artist Jangarh Singh Shyam

  • How many disasters will Runa bear?

    12-06-2020 23:19:00

    The lockdown has been hard on Ghorai and her community

  • The Covid-19 deniers

    05-06-2020 22:58:00

    Social stigma associated with Covid-19 has led to people denying that they, or their family members, have it - and this will make the task of containing the pandemic much harder.

  • When will Krishna get her old life back?

    29-05-2020 22:11:00

    Her son and daughter who both have jobs in small businesses, had found themselves home without pay during the lockdown

  • Covid-19's invisible victim - humanity

    16-05-2020 00:03:00

    The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that whether any of us have the virus or not, what most of us don't have when confronted by it, is simple humanity

  • A relief worker reflects on poverty

    08-05-2020 22:58:00

    33-year-old Navin Shukla sees this lockdown as a disaster unfolding before our eyes

  • Another tale from the front line

    01-05-2020 22:28:00

    Many people don't realise the pivotal role lab technicians are playing right now

  • Stories from the frontlines

    24-04-2020 22:58:00

    Karan Solanki is a part of the cleaning staff at Narayana Health SRCC Children's Hospital in Mumbai's Haji Ali and doubles up as a ward boy

  • In praise of small vendors

    10-04-2020 21:36:00

    The small-time vendor was being able to do what I'd have imagined would be easier for the Amazons, Big Baskets and Grofers of the world to do

  • What will happen to Laddu Mahto?

    03-04-2020 23:05:00

    Craftspeople have received a huge blow during this ongoing lockdown

  • Doling out compassion

    27-03-2020 23:26:00

    COVID-19 pandemic is going to send an unprecedented number of low-income households deep into poverty

  • It's not just the virus...

    13-03-2020 23:17:00

    So far, the number of cases in India is not large. I suspect that this is because the virus hasn't yet reached India's slums and low income neighbourhoods, writes Geetanjali Krishna