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Geetanjali Krishna

Geetanjali Krishna

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  • Dying from an overdose of love

    07-12-2018 21:15:00

    In the run-up to the 2019 general elections, netas of all hues are reiterating their devotion for all things bovine

  • Man versus wild

    01-12-2018 02:07:00

    With increased human activity in forests, man-animal conflicts have also gone up

  • The 'first husband' of Maheshpur

    24-11-2018 00:37:00

    As long as we keep implementing gender-based reservations without working on attitude change, gender equality will continue to seem as distant as Maheshpur is from the rest of India

  • A coppersmith's tale

    16-11-2018 20:55:00

    A chat later with Navin Kumar Tamta, who made these products, made me realise how imperative innovation and research and development (R&D) are for the survival of traditional crafts

  • Existential crisis on a treadmill

    02-11-2018 21:34:00

    The physical and mental benefits that accrued from labour are far greater than those accrued from mere exercise, said Trivedi ji

  • Nature vs humans vs development

    26-10-2018 22:47:00

    When hotels started coming up on the lakefront, animal encounters became more and more infrequent

  • The story of Nisha

    20-10-2018 00:14:00

    Nisha was born with ichthyosis, a rare genetic skin condition. Probably for this reason, she was abandoned at birth and spent the first three weeks of her life in an orphanage

  • Not a country for old people

    05-10-2018 23:35:00

    Why it is practically impossible for elders to live independent and dignified lives on government pensions

  • Hunger in times of Aadhaar

    28-09-2018 21:40:00

    Let a thousand "fake" beneficiaries steal from the system, than have a single Santoshi die, crying for bhat in her final moments - simply because her Aadhaar and ration card weren't linked

  • Urban naxals or patriots?

    21-09-2018 23:33:00

    Does asking uncomfortable questions to the government, or supporting marginalised communities make one less patriotic than someone who accepts the status quo unquestioningly?

  • Face-to-face with human trafficking

    07-09-2018 23:44:00

    Simply reading about human trafficking never gives a sense of what it is really like

  • The perils of polarisation

    31-08-2018 23:23:00

    The growing belief among minorities that the mainstream narrative is simply not inclusive enough is bound to have consequences

  • Meet the bank sakhis

    25-08-2018 01:27:00

    I recently met Pari Singh, a confident 22-year-old who is a bank sakhi (friend) in Jharkhand

  • Celebrating a braveheart

    17-08-2018 23:09:00

    No one was surprised when Rajendra Singh was found shot and killed in broad daylight, not far from the local police station

  • The semantics of starvation

    03-08-2018 23:41:00

    For their lives, spent in a state of chronic hunger and deprivation, are a more telling indictment of India's porous social security net