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Gurbachan Singh

Gurbachan Singh

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  • The questionable rationale for govt schemes

    06-04-2021 23:39:00

    It is important to shift, in a phased manner, to a good and general policy framework from a situation of a plethora of schemes

  • Dealing with cost-push inflation

    16-03-2021 02:11:00

    At present, an important reason for the large leeway around the inflation target lies in the behaviour of the prices of oil and food, which can push prices more generally

  • Fiscal doves in India: right and wrong

    16-02-2021 22:43:00

    The idea that fiscal prudence and welfare of the less well-off are mutually exclusive is misplaced

  • No high inflation or fiscal crisis in the US but …

    18-01-2021 23:00:00

    Monetary base issued by the Fed had jumped from less than $1 trn before the GFC to more than $3 trn by early 2020 and then to about $5 trn by end of the year. But inflation has hardly gone up. Why?

  • Fast pace of reforms: Right and wrong

    14-12-2020 23:28:00

    It is best to avoid "jhatka" economics, carry out incremental reforms on a continuous basis and do so in a number of sectors and regions.

  • Fiscal stimulus and investment

    17-11-2020 01:59:00

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures! This can mean a large deficit or the use of re-allocative and redistributive fiscal policies on a larger scale. Or, we can have a mix

  • The dark side of low interest rates

    19-10-2020 23:42:00

    While the low interest rate policy may or may not help with investment, output and employment, it can aggravate, if not cause, financial instability

  • Animal spirits: Right and wrong

    15-09-2020 23:57:00

    It is true that though both low spirits and low real investment may be caused by a common set of economic factors

  • Handling the dollar rush

    18-08-2020 22:21:00

    More often than not a dollar deluge is primarily due to a sudden and large capital inflow, and not a compression of imports

  • Are sovereign gold bonds a good idea?

    22-07-2020 00:45:00

    Though SGBs were launched in November 2015, almost 35 per cent of the amount mobilised is in the current financial year

  • How to bring down the price of land

    22-06-2020 22:34:00

    The first thing that comes to mind is that there is a need to amend the Land Acquisition Act, 2013, and other such laws

  • A question of letter and spirit

    05-11-2017 09:30:00

    In recapitalising public sector banks by borrowing from banks themselves rather than from market, the govt is violating the spirit of Basel capital adequacy norms

  • Gurbachan Singh: Note ban's counterintuitive effects

    18-12-2016 09:30:00

    Government will not gain if demonetisation succeeds in curbing black money

  • Demonetisation: A closer look

    13-11-2016 09:30:00

    Scrapping high-value currency notes is unlikely to make a major dent in the black money problem unless accompanied by structural reforms in the rest of the economy