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Harsh V Pant

Harsh V Pant

Harsh V Pant

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  • A paradigm-defining contest with China

    14-07-2020 22:29:00

    As India redefines its priorities vis-a-vis China, its policymakers will have to be bolder in articulating the need for robust partnerships

  • China factor in domestic politics

    25-06-2020 23:38:00

    There is public anger against China and a dominant feeling that China has to be stopped before it succeeds in changing the status-quo on the India-China boundary

  • The border challenge

    26-05-2020 22:51:00

    The fact that more Chinese soldiers are now crossing over into the Indian side can be the result of growing Chinese aggressiveness on territorial issues

  • Afghanistan's chaos and India's critique

    28-03-2020 21:29:00

    The deal with the Taliban is full of contradictions, but it is the best the US could come up with. Rather than criticise it, India should think about what its own options are in securing its flanks

  • China and the US push in West Asia

    18-01-2020 20:06:00

    Beijing's expanding footprint in this oil-rich region has set the stage for a competition with Washington

  • Muddling along in Afghanistan

    07-12-2019 19:47:00

    US President Donald Trump is desperate to pull American troops out of the war-torn country, even if it means clearing the way for the Taliban's ascent to power in Kabul

  • Market force: How India is using its economic clout in the diplomatic arena

    02-12-2019 07:16:00

    For India, this changing diplomatic style comes with its own set of risks. If not handled well, New Delhi's credibility as a serious global player might be on the line

  • India and its Brics dilemmas

    17-11-2019 00:31:00

    The five-country group faces challenges arising from bilateral differences and diverse political systems

  • China's rise and its challenges

    10-10-2019 21:02:00

    For a political dispensation that has long relied on providing high economic growth rates to sustain political legitimacy, the current slowdown is a huge problem

  • Reaffirming Indo-US ties

    21-09-2019 19:35:00

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to America indicates that the India-US strategic relationship has the potential to become the defining partnership of this century

  • A challenge, an opportunity

    15-08-2019 00:20:00

    India had to respond to adapting its strategic thinking on the Kashmir issue, if it was serious in resolving the conflict

  • India's dilemmas in Afghanistan

    24-07-2019 23:35:00

    New Delhi should become more proactively involved in the peace process and not shy away from drawing its own red-lines

  • India at the G-20

    28-06-2019 00:33:00

    As leaders of G-20 meet in Osaka, there is a sense of bewilderment about the real aims of this platform and if at all it has any relevance in this day and age

  • How US-Russia ties affect India

    25-05-2019 19:44:00

    The stagnation in US-Russia relations does not augur well for New Delhi's strategic interests. It's a throwback to the Cold War, when India had to choose between the two countries

  • A Chinese re-adjustment on BRI?

    29-04-2019 22:53:00

    For the moment, it is Southeast Asia and Central Asia that are at the centre of BRI and that have embraced the project wholeheartedly