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Harsh V Pant & Vinay Kaura

Harsh V Pant & Vinay Kaura

Vinay Kaura & Harsh V Pant

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  • A paradigm-defining contest with China

    14-07-2020 22:29:00

    As India redefines its priorities vis-a-vis China, its policymakers will have to be bolder in articulating the need for robust partnerships

  • China factor in domestic politics

    25-06-2020 23:38:00

    There is public anger against China and a dominant feeling that China has to be stopped before it succeeds in changing the status-quo on the India-China boundary

  • Muddling along in Afghanistan

    07-12-2019 19:47:00

    US President Donald Trump is desperate to pull American troops out of the war-torn country, even if it means clearing the way for the Taliban's ascent to power in Kabul

  • A challenge, an opportunity

    15-08-2019 00:20:00

    India had to respond to adapting its strategic thinking on the Kashmir issue, if it was serious in resolving the conflict