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Indrajit Gupta

Indrajit Gupta

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  • How entrepreneurs learn

    25-01-2019 00:52:00

    Listening to an entrepreneur narrate the highs and lows of his journey may be the easy part

  • Flying into headwinds

    10-01-2019 23:52:00

    On the face of it, Udan looks like a neat plan. But there are some flies in the ointment

  • Decoding the retail FDI tweaks

    28-12-2018 01:50:00

    An e-commerce marketplace cannot sell products from group companies where it has an equity stake

  • The new 'mad men' in town

    30-11-2018 00:30:00

    Can Wunderman Thompson refashion itself in the new world? Or will it be a bridge too far?

  • Flippin' over backwards

    16-11-2018 00:52:00

    Binny Bansal's sudden, unceremonious exit has raised eyebrows across the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India

  • Searching for a silver lining

    01-11-2018 22:10:00

    When I dug into the case, I found the company had ticked all the right boxes. Yet the system failed, completely and utterly

  • The long road to a safe workplace

    18-10-2018 21:54:00

    The #metoo movement may have provided a wake-up call for leaders across India Inc to significantly up the ante in building safe and gender-balanced workplaces

  • The return to humanness

    30-08-2018 22:27:00

    A facet of dehumanisation is the reliance on the old binary system of thinkers and doers

  • What Virat must do

    16-08-2018 23:03:00

    Let's cut Virat some slack till this series is over

  • Rebuilding trust

    13-07-2018 05:56:00

    In April this year, media reports spoke about how RBI had asked the Axis Bank board to reconsider its decision to extend another three-year term for Shikha Sharma

  • Seeking purpose

    29-06-2018 05:54:00

    Young people have an abundance of choice today. Yet finding purpose is an altogether different challenge for them

  • Why the malls are back in business

    15-06-2018 06:45:00

    High-quality malls are popping up across not just in the tier-I cities, but also in tier-II cities

  • Behind the IPL magic

    30-05-2018 05:54:00

    With this year's IPL, live streaming over the mobile is now emerging as a formidable force in its own right

  • Walmart's existential dilemma

    18-05-2018 05:57:00

    Despite being a large multinational corporation, Walmart has struggled to grow beyond its somewhat insular roots in its Bentonville, Arkansas HQ

  • The start-up syndrome

    20-04-2018 05:57:00

    The agility and the nimbleness that a growth business needs to succeed is killed in this painfully slow corporate bureaucracy