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Ishan Bhaskar

Ishan Bhaskar

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  • Ishan Bhaskar: Cheaper oil? Forget it

    28-10-2013 21:46:00

    Or, why India's overwhelming dependence on imported energy will remain a significant weakness

  • Ishan Bhaskar: LNG - Pipe dreams vs reality

    10-10-2013 21:44:00

    India and Japan's effort to form a multilateral group of liquefied natural gas buyers to avoid paying higher prices for the fuel is laudable as an objective but is unlikely to be effective immediately

  • India's elusive 'shale gale'

    22-08-2013 21:46:00

    The government's proposal to treat shale gas and oil on a par with conventional hydrocarbons masks many critical impediments to actually exploiting the resource in India