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Itu Chaudhuri

Itu Chaudhuri

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  • Specialists versus generalists

    14-09-2018 21:03:00

    Design is a specialisation, but viewing it properly requires going back a couple of centuries

  • By my own hand

    03-08-2018 22:34:00

    We only need to see these awkward letters to know that what they say is urgent and deeply felt

  • The vision mission exercise

    22-06-2018 22:33:00

    Words matter only if they flow from the depths of intentions, when they have consequences

  • The business of consulting

    25-05-2018 21:05:00

    The digital darlings represent the school of creative disruption

  • Numb and number

    27-04-2018 23:06:00

    Data become ever more plentiful by orders of magnitude, and interactive data visualisations ever more powerful

  • A class apart

    30-03-2018 22:16:00

    Article settles into soft cushions and runs speculative eye on road travelled by these variously wheeled vehicles. How did these objects of everyday utility turn into what we may call figures of fun?

  • Big food, small food

    17-02-2018 05:48:00

    For selling food has always been about health and trust; no purchase or sale has greater consequence

  • Dear chief design officer

    19-01-2018 22:13:00

    I'm writing to tell you what you're up against, and what you'll need to do to survive, thrive and then lead

  • A brand new Christmas

    23-12-2017 00:24:00

    Festival traditions are in a permanent state of slow flux, subject to the processes of evolution, cross-breeding, mergers and a myriad of social and economic currents

  • Visionary position: Design on top

    25-11-2017 00:01:00

    Startups are very likely to have CEOs or CXOs to influence design decisions, and those businesses appear to quantifiably benefit from design, said survey

  • A seat at the high table

    27-10-2017 23:27:00

    Stephen Doe's wall paintings illustrate with brutal clarity the symptoms of ebola

  • Good design: It's all in the mind

    15-09-2017 22:37:00

    Design is inherently and implicitly psychological; its practice carries all the psychology it needs, and designers learn it as they go

  • Personality, the uber-construct in the modern 'liking' business

    18-08-2017 23:36:00

    The uber-construct is also the attribution of human psycho-social traits to non-human things

  • Hello, good lookin'

    21-07-2017 23:06:00

    It's easy to see that attractive things are preferred but less easy to see that they can work better

  • Love in the time of packaging

    24-06-2017 00:22:00

    The internet and the culture of marketing it brings is making life harder for marketing & packaging