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Itu Chaudhuri

Itu Chaudhuri

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  • Dear Office, your services are terminated

    22-05-2020 21:36:00

    The demise of the office has been foretold yet again. But there's a lot of fight left in the old lady.

  • Not a flash in the pandemic

    10-04-2020 20:46:00

    A design column must take note of the many excellent, thoughtful responses by the design and creative professions

  • Espressionism

    15-02-2020 00:15:00

    The invention that re-booted coffee was the espresso machine

  • Clear and present danger

    17-01-2020 23:21:00

    Some innovations succeed to the point of redefining the problem they tackle

  • Innovation and all that

    07-12-2019 00:53:00

    The bold brilliance of the innovator needs the patient genius of design to make it work

  • Experiment and reason

    25-10-2019 22:29:00

    Economic and medical RCTs have the same limitations: the difficulty of true randomisation, or that variations in individual outcomes might be large even if the average effect is favourable

  • Distress signals

    13-09-2019 22:10:00

    Distressing allows a way of perturbing the continuity of the surface without resorting to ornament

  • A future full of experimentation

    02-08-2019 23:09:00

    Design is practical futurism. It is fundamentally about creating a future state that is preferable to the present

  • Everything that counts

    07-06-2019 22:15:00

    On a scale of emotional temperatures, it doesn't get any hotter than the 2019 Indian election did

  • Emotion trumps reason

    10-05-2019 23:15:00

    Apart from the obvious risks, the design lens seems too underpowered to bring an election into its focus

  • Signal to message ratio

    15-03-2019 22:51:00

    Companies use price signalling in a number of ways, such as luxury goods companies using it to reduce availability, to connote exclusion, not superiority

  • Little typefaces matter much

    15-02-2019 22:59:00

    These great fashion brands originated in the Old World of Europe

  • Now trending

    18-01-2019 22:58:00

    Community, mindfulness and warmth: a hopeful start to the New Year

  • Gilt and pleasure

    07-12-2018 22:30:00

    In the 20th century, the ideological successors and companions of Loos, like the Bauhaus and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, created the international style

  • Different strokes: Why we like calligraphy

    26-10-2018 22:06:00

    It's intuitive that the value we place on calligraphy should rise in proportion to its replacement by printing, and that in a paradoxical way, the art of calligraphy is a consequence of printing