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J Jagannath

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  • Do we need movie remakes in this golden age of OTT?

    11-09-2021 14:58:00

    At a time when OTT platforms have democratised content, it's high time original content is given preference over lazy remakes

  • Has Covid-induced OTT boom been helpful for Indian cinema?

    13-08-2021 14:43:00

    in their quest for capturing the untapped Indian audience, global OTT players have been acquiring content without paying much heed to the quality. How long can this last?

  • Ageism in sports

    10-05-2019 21:59:00

    Every Indian movie with a sports theme follows the same rah-rah template of the underdog climbing to the top despite numerous obstacles

  • Bait and switch

    27-04-2019 01:15:00

    All in all, Super Deluxe's visual explosiveness might make you want to go outside for fresh air, but not at the risk of missing a second of this blisteringly beautiful movie

  • Addled Andhra

    12-04-2019 22:16:00

    Telugu cinema harkens back to the Stone Age of filmmaking when directors baulk at the idea of ruffling a few political feathers

  • Machismo and masochism

    29-03-2019 21:03:00

    After six years, his sophomore effort, Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota (MKDNH), can be nearly interpreted as an ode to Matunga, the Mumbai neighbourhood that seems to house most of the city's Tamils

  • Rap on the knuckles

    15-03-2019 21:31:00

    'I don't expect Akhtar to be a political animal like Ranjith', says the author

  • Oscar myopia

    01-03-2019 22:39:00

    Roma might have been robbed of the Best Picture award but it managed to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film in a crowded category that had the captivating Polish movie and more

  • Oscars so divisive

    23-02-2019 01:20:00

    Olivia Colman's Queen Anne might lose out on the Best Actress award to Glenn Close's touching portrait of a woman disregarded by her pompous Nobel-winning husband in The Wife

  • Die, relive, repeat

    15-02-2019 21:33:00

    Despite each of the eight episodes being under 30 minutes, Russian Doll tends to get lumbering with subplots

  • Why Netflix's $100 million 'Friends' deal chips away at quality content

    01-02-2019 19:24:00

    Instead of acquiring a lot of middling latest movies, Netflix needs to invest in classics.

  • Demigod deified

    19-01-2019 00:07:00

    Rajinikanth needs to be commended for letting millennials like Subbaraj and music director Anirudh Ravichander give him the demigod treatment his fans have always needed

  • The best TV shows of 2018

    04-01-2019 21:10:00

    From Atlanta to Killing Eve, the best there were on the small screen

  • 2018: Best of Indian cinema

    21-12-2018 22:06:00

    Here are the 10 movies 2018 that stayed with me

  • 2018: Best of world cinema

    08-12-2018 02:23:00

    Imagine Quentin Tarantino trying his hand at Khoon Bhari Maang and you have 'Revenge', a French rape-and-revenge thriller directed by Coralie Forgeat