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J Jagannath

J Jagannath

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  • In-flight delight

    7 hours ago

    Kingfisher Airlines used to provide in-flight entertainment in India a long time ago before it went belly-up

  • Big screen gloss

    06-07-2018 21:25:00

    Not so surprisingly, biopics centred on women have been far more absorbing

  • Strife and grief

    22-06-2018 23:00:00

    'Fauda' is very biased in its myopic view of Palestine while completely ignoring the ham-fisted way the Israeli state treats the Arabs

  • Cyber heists

    08-06-2018 23:23:00

    Irumbu Thirai is a sober account of how our daily smartphone use can be our nemesis

  • Crusader with wit

    25-05-2018 21:42:00

    Deadpool 2 is a prime example that more superhero movies must aspire to: woke rather than vapid and soulless

  • Freedom at midnight

    11-05-2018 21:56:00

    Debut director Tinu Pappachan has elevated a generic plot to a rambunctiously entertaining ride solely on the basis of jaw-dropping gags

  • Public servants

    27-04-2018 23:16:00

    Bharat Ane Nenu is already a roaring hit and will certainly hold the "non-Baahubali" record for its lifetime box office collections

  • Sukumar, Ram Charan bounce back with 'Rangasthalam'

    13-04-2018 23:33:00

    All Sukumar's movies, prior to Rangasthalam, were urbane, cosmopolitan and soaked in yuppie aspirational culture

  • Indian 'incursion' in China

    30-03-2018 21:46:00

    India's trade deficit with China might be massive but the soft power of Bollywood is making waves there

  • Decoding silence in love via Shape of Water, Mukkabaaz, Phantom Thread

    17-03-2018 05:52:00

    Mute heroines in Shape of Water and Mukkabaaz lend a delicious heft to both the movies

  • These two Telugu movies affirm Sridevi's status as a cine goddess

    03-03-2018 05:51:00

    Barring Isabelle Huppert, I can't think of any other actor in the world who can stake claim to such a rich body of work under her belt, writes J Jagannath

  • The Post: Steven Spielberg's hammy ode to journalism is a hack job

    17-02-2018 05:52:00

    Spielberg is expert at peddling sanctimonious pap, which is being eagerly lapped up, making it the third most successful movie at box office

  • Losing the plot

    03-02-2018 05:52:00

    Khushbu is the solitary inspired casting in the movie as the step-mother with a golden heart who loves her step-son more than her own offspring

  • What are we reading anyway?

    19-01-2018 23:46:00

    In such dire times, the incessant social media discourse and the flurry of think pieces on a New Yorker short story gives me immense hope for the world

  • Best scenes of 2017: Part III

    06-01-2018 00:10:00

    Concluding part of my ongoing list of the best scenes of 2017