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J Jagannath

J Jagannath

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  • Family life

    09-11-2018 22:04:00

    Lily Franky as the paterfamilias becomes a character you root for by the end of this clever, humane, compassionately directed and faultlessly acted movie

  • Creepy cinema

    26-10-2018 22:13:00

    The Telluride Horror Show, a three-day event showcasing the latest movies from across the world in the always excellent genres of horror and thriller

  • Sound of ego

    12-10-2018 22:11:00

    The acting is fine as are the dialogue and the mise-en-scene. Maybe in these frayed post-Trump times, America needed a movie as simple as this

  • Broken America

    28-09-2018 22:22:00

    Bing Liu's debut documentary, Minding The Gap masterfully combines skateboarding antics with stories that resonate far and wide

  • Only connect

    14-09-2018 21:32:00

    The movie, Searching exemplifies the social media zeitgeist

  • Not my Asia

    31-08-2018 22:17:00

    Maybe it's too much to expect from one movie, but its muddled politics could be forgiven if the plot was any good

  • Family troubles

    17-08-2018 22:53:00

    There is a bunch of secondary characters who help make this show sound like Game of Thrones for the C-suite, writes J Jagannath

  • Teen angst in 2018

    03-08-2018 22:33:00

    Burnham's equal parts smutty, shameless and delightfully self-aware story is as fresh as the air in the Swiss Alps

  • In-flight delight

    21-07-2018 02:26:00

    Kingfisher Airlines used to provide in-flight entertainment in India a long time ago before it went belly-up

  • Big screen gloss

    06-07-2018 21:25:00

    Not so surprisingly, biopics centred on women have been far more absorbing

  • Strife and grief

    22-06-2018 23:00:00

    'Fauda' is very biased in its myopic view of Palestine while completely ignoring the ham-fisted way the Israeli state treats the Arabs

  • Cyber heists

    08-06-2018 23:23:00

    Irumbu Thirai is a sober account of how our daily smartphone use can be our nemesis

  • Crusader with wit

    25-05-2018 21:42:00

    Deadpool 2 is a prime example that more superhero movies must aspire to: woke rather than vapid and soulless

  • Freedom at midnight

    11-05-2018 21:56:00

    Debut director Tinu Pappachan has elevated a generic plot to a rambunctiously entertaining ride solely on the basis of jaw-dropping gags

  • Public servants

    27-04-2018 23:16:00

    Bharat Ane Nenu is already a roaring hit and will certainly hold the "non-Baahubali" record for its lifetime box office collections