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Jaimini Bhagwati

Jaimini Bhagwati

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  • Chinese exceptionalism

    5 hours ago

    Trade ties with China are mutually beneficial but the world should seek transparency about that country's institutions

  • Head versus heart

    23-04-2020 23:40:00

    This is a false dichotomy, the Indian economy can be rebooted and the Covid-19 virus contained concurrently

  • Lest we forget

    27-03-2020 02:00:00

    Sub-optimal responses against viral pandemics and crony lending would keep resurfacing if voters do not hold govts accountable

  • Right person for the right job

    25-02-2020 00:37:00

    Too many square pegs in round holes in constitutional, regulatory & senior official positions

  • Potentially disruptive north-south divide

    28-01-2020 22:40:00

    For national harmony, allocation of revenues and parliamentary seats to states should continue to be based on the 1971 census

  • Is IBC in ICU?

    26-12-2019 00:16:00

    Senior judges need briefings on economy-wide consequences of their decisions

  • Competition versus reservations

    28-11-2019 02:41:00

    Reservations have eroded human capital in the Indian government, regulatory and public sector institutions

  • Economic shudders & revival strategies

    25-09-2019 23:27:00

    Discarding attention-grabbing slogans, the government needs to aim for real GDP growth of 8 per cent and higher

  • Sovereign bonds & credit ratings

    30-07-2019 22:14:00

    At the end June 2019, the RBI's foreign exchange (FX) reserves amounted to about $422 billion. This is around 15 per cent of GDP way below the 26 per cent of GDP level of FX reserves in 2007-08

  • Rupee liquidity and dollar borrowings

    30-07-2019 00:10:00

    In the financial year 2018-19, FPI investors withdrew a net of $6 billion. By contrast, FPIs have brought in net investments of $5 billion in 2019-20 till July 25

  • Time for proportional representation?

    27-03-2019 23:49:00

    Current electoral system is unhealthy for Indian democracy

  • Whose money is it anyway?

    28-12-2018 01:42:00

    Funds with the RBI, the government and public sector institutions belong to taxpayers, bank depositors and insurance policyholders

  • Blatant misuse of LIC

    27-09-2018 00:51:00

    It is subsidising incompetence at best and malfeasance at worst in institutions such as IDBI Bank and IL&FS

  • Instead of creating Bad Bank, govt should help PSBs resolve their NPAs

    29-06-2018 05:55:00

    Otherwise, the government would be party to the exceptionalism of Indian PSBs and taxpayers would continue to pay for the lack of due diligence in assessing credit risk in recovering huge unpaid debts

  • The buck stops here

    29-03-2018 05:58:00

    Instead of wholesale privatisation, consolidation of public sector banks is a better safeguard against PNB-like scams