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Jamal Mecklai

Jamal Mecklai

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  • The rocket rupee

    30-05-2021 23:02:00

    It does feel like we are close to the end of the rupee's rally, says Jamal Mecklai

  • Jamal Mecklai: Mr Modi's magic

    01-10-2014 21:44:00

    There's no gainsaying that Narendra Modi is taking the world by storm. More importantly, domestic sentiment, cautiously optimistic till now, is getting ready for a party - witness, for instance, the enthusiastic reaction of the stock market to the ...

  • Jamal Mecklai: God reads my columns

    18-09-2014 21:44:00

    Clearly, God reads my columns. After four weeks of on-my-knees pleas, the volatility in currency markets has finally come to life, courtesy the chuppa rustam dollar, which, at long last, appears to be stepping out.As far back as July 2012, I have ...

  • Jamal Mecklai: Regulators always live in interesting times

    04-09-2014 21:49:00

    Regulators are much more proactive. If there is any whisper of excessive position-taking, there are questions

  • Jamal Mecklai: Dr Rajan and me

    21-08-2014 21:44:00

    Towards the end of May, I had written an article ("Stay close to the exits") about my increasing nervousness about the lack of any nervousness in global markets. Volatilities of all currencies (and, importantly, gold) were plumbing to all-time lows ...

  • Jamal Mecklai: 'Asset-lite' as a lifestyle choice

    07-08-2014 21:44:00

    Till a small (relative to my age) number of years ago, I was a pure current account guy. I didn't own a house, a car, or indeed credit cards - Pravina was appalled when we were dating that I'd pay for dinner or whatever from a thappi of notes from ...

  • Jamal Mecklai: Bring on the lederhosen

    24-07-2014 21:44:00

    Back in the day when all the men were strong, all the women were good-looking and all the children were above average (with thanks to The Prairie Home Companion, a United States radio show from back in the day), dollar strength (or weakness) really ...

  • Jamal Mecklai: Live another day

    26-06-2014 21:44:00

    I remember, one winter's day many decades ago when I was living in New York, I was once in an elevator going to work when two guys rushed in stomping the snow from their boots. One turned to the other and said, "Weather forecasting is the business ...

  • Jamal Mecklai: Back to the pavilion

    12-06-2014 21:44:00

    Like love, sentiment is an intangible and can't really be measured. Its impact, however, is profound; when aroused, sentiment can completely overturn your life, or, more prosaically, financial markets."Elegant words, even if I say so myself, and as ...

  • Jamal Mecklai: We need heroism, Mr Modi

    29-05-2014 21:49:00

    Mr Modi needs to inspire heroism (not merely "heropanti") in all Indians

  • Jamal Mecklai: Fighting last year's battle

    01-05-2014 21:44:00

    The sharply higher foreign exchange volatility towards the end of 2013 led to substantially increased volatility of earnings

  • Jamal Mecklai: Burning money

    17-04-2014 21:44:00

    I remember back when I was in school, my closest friend was from what-appeared-to-be a seriously wealthy family. While they lived very well, his father was a prudent and frugal man. One Diwali, all of us were clamouring for more money for fireworks ...

  • Jamal Mecklai: How low can the rupee go?

    04-04-2014 08:44:00

    A hung Parliament in the elections could certainly turn the tide against the rupee

  • Jamal Mecklai: Stability? What stability?

    20-03-2014 21:49:00

    Indian equity markets appear to be banking on political stability after the elections

  • Jamal Mecklai: Be careful with horses

    06-03-2014 21:48:00

    Companies need to build in an increased risk of default as an additional cost of doing business in China