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Jim ONeill

Jim ONeill

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  • Jim O'Neill: China's big year ahead

    08-01-2015 21:47:00

    The eternal bears say the Chinese market is an unsustainable bubble. But here are three basic factors, taken together, that will make it easier for China to rebalance its economy

  • Jim O'Neill: Emerging markets mock the pessimists

    03-12-2014 21:46:00

    Analysts' prediction that 2014 would be a bad year for emerging markets didn't play out. The numbers show that developing-country stock markets performed better than those in the advanced economies

  • Jim O'Neill: From BRIC to MINT

    13-11-2013 21:44:00

    Mint economies-Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey deserves no less attention due to favourable demographics and economic prospects

  • A purpose for BRICS

    07-08-2013 21:44:00

    At their fifth annual summit in April, the leaders of the BRICS nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - said they would build their own development bank. But the meeting was thin on details: No announcement about where the new bank ...