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K P Krishnan

K P Krishnan

K P Krishnan

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  • Bringing skills and education closer

    22-07-2021 22:53:00

    The placement of these two ministries with one minister is the first step towards improving the employability of India's workforce in a pandemic

  • Securities market: On the cusp of change

    24-06-2021 22:42:00

    Para 68 of the Budget announcement of 2021, exactly 30 years after 1991, could be the beginning of the next round of financial sector reforms

  • Vaccination: The $5 trillion question

    26-05-2021 22:41:00

    The answer to the question of how to vaccinate a billion Indians is perhaps to be found in basic economics

  • 'Judicial' regulation at Sebi

    27-04-2021 22:44:00

    A mechanism to separate Sebi's judicial and executive powers is central to creating a regulator more in tune with the rule of law

  • Regulation by circulars?

    25-03-2021 23:27:00

    The recent semi-public exchanges between Sebi and DFS raise several questions about the legislative function of regulators that need careful consideration

  • The skills India needs

    25-02-2021 22:45:00

    Excessive centralisation of skilling programmes may hinder the ability of training institutions to effectively respond to Indian market requirements

  • A potentially risky trade-off for markets

    27-01-2021 22:52:00

    Sebi's proposal on concentrated holdings could disrupt the balance between the supervisory and business roles of stock exchanges

  • The case for a deeper democracy

    24-12-2020 23:17:00

    There is a strong connection between bolstering democracy and achieving a better functioning financial system

  • The integral world of finance

    27-11-2020 01:39:00

    Our goal should be to achieve a low cost of capital for Indian firms, which calls for liquid and efficient markets accessible to all investors

  • Market reforms: The unfinished agenda

    22-10-2020 23:13:00

    It's time to address the root cause of the 1992 stock market scandal - a conflict of interest in RBI's many roles

  • Deja vu on DFIs

    15-09-2020 23:59:00

    The bank-led model of infrastructure financing is fraught with difficulties. But DFIs are not a quick fix

  • The journey of economic reforms

    30-08-2020 22:22:00

    It involve a choreographed dance of multiple institutions and individuals, over long periods

  • Clean up land records: Let the financial system spearhead the change

    27-05-2020 23:10:00

    The first step in this direction would be to start with the land that has already been collateralised in the formal financial system

  • India can't avoid land reforms anymore

    26-05-2020 23:42:00

    The coronavirus crisis has given the country an opportunity to unleash the power of land