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K P Krishnan

K P Krishnan

K P Krishnan

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  • Dematerialisation: A digital revolution in Indian finance

    19-09-2022 22:57:00

    Exactly 26 years ago, India embarked on a very ambitious path in digital finance leading to remarkable results. It is time for more such reforms

  • Azadi of the financial sector

    15-08-2022 21:42:00

    Parts of the Indian financial sector have been liberated, and this has fuelled growth. The rest of the sector needs this now

  • Fresh urgency on pension reforms

    18-07-2022 21:41:00

    The Union government needs to step in and lead the next round of pension reforms, which are now in danger of unravelling

  • The complex world of regulators

    20-06-2022 23:10:00

    Independent and continued evaluation of statutory regulatory agencies is necessary and important for feedback to regulators and Parliament

  • Central banks and the rule of law

    19-05-2022 02:23:00

    In a constitutional democracy, the RBI is bound by the law to focus on its core mandate

  • The provincialisation of All India Services

    20-04-2022 23:35:00

    All India Services were to be all India in character for a purpose. Any dilution of this central tenet should worry policymakers

  • One nation one software

    21-03-2022 22:18:00

    Transforming property registration to unlock economic growth the way the NGDRS has done holds promise for similar cooperation in other areas

  • Dealing with RBI's policy dilemma

    21-02-2022 23:40:00

    Separation of public debt management from monetary policy is necessary for resolving conflict between two competing policy objectives

  • Political economy of regulatory reform

    27-01-2022 23:52:00

    Dynamic markets call for periodic reform of regulatory agencies-notwithstanding their reluctance to keep pace with developments

  • Protection from Data Protection Authority

    27-12-2021 22:39:00

    Parliament has to reconcile the twin challenge of protecting people not just from data fiduciaries, but also from the protector itself

  • Crypto-assets: To ban or not to ban?

    29-11-2021 23:08:00

    Financial regulation is about striking the right balance between enabling innovation and ensuring customer protection

  • Who is my regulator?

    28-10-2021 22:32:00

    RBI's recent actions against auditors highlight the need for role clarity as well as coordination among regulators

  • Human resources & regulatory autonomy

    23-09-2021 23:48:00

    Statutory regulatory authorities need autonomy in staffing their organisations with specialists who have integrity and knowledge

  • Protecting consumers, the heart of finance

    26-08-2021 23:26:00

    Competitive markets in financial services are the best bulwark against consumer fraud in the long run. In the medium term, omnibus and dedicated legislation could be the answer

  • Bringing skills and education closer

    22-07-2021 22:53:00

    The placement of these two ministries with one minister is the first step towards improving the employability of India's workforce in a pandemic