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Kanika Datta

Kanika Datta

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  • The myth of anti-Hindutva

    2 hours ago

    Hindutva had less of a role to play in the BJP's denouement in these three states than hard economic issues

  • Fallacies about workplace gender parity

    29-11-2018 00:06:00

    Men with attitudes cemented in outmoded sexism tend to set women to higher performance standards than they would for men competing for the same job

  • An eternal competitive disadvantage

    14-11-2018 23:31:00

    Among almost any business, tourism provides a handy proxy of how well a country can fare as a business investment destination

  • From #metoo to #themtoo

    17-10-2018 23:22:00

    Finally, at the cost of attracting much opprobrium in these febrile times, may I suggest that the sexual harassment laws become gender-neutral

  • Who's afraid of #metoo

    06-10-2018 00:54:00

    For those men who worry about becoming #metoo victims, here's some free advice on self-defence. It's called good behaviour

  • Our boards, their boards

    03-10-2018 23:54:00

    The power of corporate boards, no matter how luminous the personal credentials of each member, is invariably inversely proportionate to the charisma of the person at the top

  • With huge increases in CEO compensations, India Inc has aided inequality

    19-09-2018 22:54:00

    Should this exclusive gravy train matter in a world of free markets where employees and shareholders have - in theory at least - the option to exit a venal company?

  • Schizophrenia over FDI

    06-09-2018 00:25:00

    One is the airline industry, the other is retailing

  • Dress sense & sensibility

    01-09-2018 00:20:00

    Alize Cornet was handed a code violation for taking off her shirt on the court in a recent US Open match

  • The power of focus

    23-08-2018 01:06:00

    An Indian prime minister's job is daunting by almost any yardstick, writes Kanika Datta

  • Why my music teacher would have approved Aretha Franklin's singing style

    18-08-2018 00:42:00

    Aretha, who performed her last concert in November last year, didn't really bother about the things that worry performers nowadays

  • This suit-boot business

    08-08-2018 23:11:00

    The beauty of the crony capital mechanism for politician and the business community alike is that it allows for deniability - even though its impacts are publicly visible

  • The decline and fall of Brand Ivanka

    26-07-2018 05:57:00

    The decline and fall of Brand Ivanka points to an evolution of consumerism in America from which India's consumers could learn

  • Globalisation on the playing fields

    12-07-2018 05:56:00

    Some six teams in Ligue 1, France's top-tier club tournament, are foreign-owned - by Spanish, American, Russian, Polish and Chinese investors in addition to the Qataris

  • GoI, unwanted corporate partner

    14-06-2018 06:22:00

    Air India is a model of such government-induced mismanagement, as any prospective buyer would know