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Kanika Datta

Kanika Datta

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  • Rafa, GOAT, no?

    10-06-2022 23:24:00

    Many suggested the outcome at Melbourne would have been different if Novak Djokovic had overcome his vax-phobia and played

  • Flashback to the future

    08-06-2022 22:43:00

    The sturdy Ambassador flourished at a time when the only other competitor was the Premier Padmini, made with Fiat technology

  • Beyond the sedition law

    11-05-2022 22:54:00

    The IPC alone offers a bouquet of choices to suppress freedom of expression

  • Wimbledon's double fault

    29-04-2022 23:18:00

    In football, FIFA and UEFA have banned the Russian national football team and those from the Russian Premier League

  • Communication breakdown

    14-04-2022 00:52:00

    The Hindi-primacy debate has lost its relevance

  • A question of culture

    11-03-2022 22:49:00

    If India has such excellent academic institutions for such subjects, shouldn't the government be extending scholarships for the study of these subjects within the country?

  • India's gender empowerment enigma

    09-03-2022 22:26:00

    The troubling resistance to criminalising marital rape neatly encapsulates the concerns of a violently patriarchal society

  • The limits of compassionate capital

    09-02-2022 23:02:00

    It took about 13 years for someone to figure out that the profits Mr Naqvi promised weren't forthcoming

  • Novak's vaxxing questions

    21-01-2022 23:38:00

    Djokovic claimed he did not know about his positive test, hardly an exoneration

  • The human factor in retailing

    12-01-2022 23:55:00

    Instead of focusing on livelihoods and consumers governments have been exercised over a non-issue: foreign capital

  • Out of tune

    31-12-2021 23:16:00

    So should airlines play the keening, trance-like Siddi folk music from the Kutch peninsula?

  • Women in the post-pandemic workplace

    08-12-2021 23:45:00

    It was women who unambiguously bore the brunt of the lockdown joblessness

  • Labouring under illusions

    10-11-2021 23:22:00

    The development of Haryana's golden goose has thrived despite reflecting all the worst contradictions of post-liberalisation India

  • Loyalty beyond a boundary

    29-10-2021 23:28:00

    Mr Tebbit's lightbulb moment came around the time Britain realised to its dismay that it had become a society of immigrants

  • Modern women and their troubles

    13-10-2021 23:43:00

    The ability for young parents to rely on the mother, mother-in-law or grandparents to bring up children is rapidly shrinking