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Kanika Datta

Kanika Datta

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  • Licence to exploit

    14-05-2020 00:42:00

    Ignoring the rights of a section of Indians - mostly in the unorganised sector - that conspicuously lack any agency is easy to do

  • Covid-19 and women@work

    29-04-2020 23:21:00

    Poor access to economic opportunity is reflected potently in India's famously poor female labour force participation rates

  • Reform for the next generation

    16-04-2020 01:47:00

    The dire outlook for an economy that was languishing before the pandemic suggests that India can no longer rely on business-as-normal paradigms

  • CSR in the time of coronavirus

    02-04-2020 00:00:00

    PM-CARES offers a handy panacea for CEOs' CSR headaches

  • A discredited business world

    19-03-2020 00:33:00

    The YES Bank debacle together with serial abscondings (Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi) and spectacular business busts (IL&FS, DHFL, Jet Airways) has helped Indian business reputation hit a low

  • Neutron Jack's better legacies

    05-03-2020 00:20:00

    Welch had the less-acknowledged talent of working productively with people he didn't get along with and meticulously planning his succession

  • Goodbye, apolitical corporations

    19-02-2020 21:02:00

    The private airlines' heavy-handedness in the case of comedian Kunal Kamra raises discomfiting questions

  • Speaking volumes

    06-02-2020 00:50:00

    No one dissed Ms Sitharaman, with many opposition MPs swarming around her in concern as she faded out with two pages to read

  • Who's afraid of Amazon?

    22-01-2020 23:50:00

    Goyal's comments about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' investment in India is seen as an attempt to reassure his party's traditional base of traders

  • India Inc: Seen but not heard

    09-01-2020 00:15:00

    Over the past few days, there has been a clamour for Bollywood celebrities to speak out against the violence at JNU

  • The rise of sub-nationalism

    26-12-2019 00:20:00

    The worrying thing about this nascent sub-nationalism is that it is likely to intensify if economic growth does not pick up and job opportunities narrow

  • Rape as a tamasha

    12-12-2019 01:54:00

    In India, rape as an issue remains hostage to social and political contestations that ricochet between high-profile righteous indignation and spurious Bollywood-style anguish

  • Wanted: The woke corporation

    28-11-2019 02:48:00

    It is inconceivable that there are no gays working in Indian corporations but obviously, the subject remains taboo enough in the workplace for those of alternate sexual orientation to feel safer

  • India's multiple asymmetries

    13-11-2019 23:08:00

    Till the current self-created economic slowdown ends, we can safely wallow in India's greatness in a mythical golden age when we apparently knew all about nuclear weapons and plastic surgery

  • The global tarnishing

    16-10-2019 23:08:00

    Global country rankings that various institutions publish also suggest that Narendra Modi's "impressive performance" may be hard to spot