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Kanika Datta

Kanika Datta

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  • Mirages in corporate governance

    07-04-2021 23:37:00

    The issue of separation of powers between corporate owners and professional managements has become a hardy perennial in the Indian corporate governance discourse

  • Frayed culture

    26-03-2021 23:15:00

    Though new Uttarakhand CM Rawat was wrong in his remarks on ripped jeans and what women should wear in public, encouraging young people to explore alternatives to jeans is the right thing to do

  • Poriborton without change

    10-03-2021 23:36:00

    Mamata faces off against former disciple-turned-defector Adhikari in a very different contest in Nandigram. It's not land acquisition but an ego clash that has acquired, tragically, communal overtones

  • The public sector has failed but private sector is hardly an inspiration

    10-02-2021 23:37:00

    Though private sector now creates more jobs than public sector, the scale of operations of even the giants in Indian biz has not been big enough to alter employment dynamics the way China has managed

  • Race against the times

    15-01-2021 23:46:00

    European football's effort to counter racism offers a good example for other sports

  • Hindutva versus economic growth

    13-01-2021 22:54:00

    Economic progress demands all-round liberalisation. From "love jihad" to atmanirbhar, the forces of Hindutva are yet to understand that basic truth

  • Age no bar

    02-01-2021 02:17:00

    Delhi is among a handful of states and Union Territories - Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Maharashtra being others - that mandate an MLDA of 25 years

  • 7 yrs of Good Governance Day: Christmas under Modi will never be uneventful

    25-12-2020 10:32:00

    Christmas 2020 takes place against the most miserable time in living memory, when Good Governance has been at a premium pretty much all round the world

  • Quantum of democracy: Stark contrast in the regime's treatment of farmer and CAA protestors

    11-12-2020 13:20:00

    The farmers blocking access to the national capital, causing vegetable prices to shoot up, seem to be getting the 'kid-glove' treatment. Those participating in other recent protests were not as lucky

  • WFH: The myth of women's empowerment

    10-12-2020 00:31:00

    The assumption that WFH can dramatically alter the gender dynamics in the Indian workplace is misplaced

  • Game for three sets

    28-11-2020 00:13:00

    Beyond demands on players from the crowded tennis calendar, two arguments have been forwarded in defence of the three-set switch

  • Diego Maradona represented a footballing culture that is now passe

    27-11-2020 13:07:00

    One thing is certain, every football fan with a long memory will be grateful that the Hand of God produced Diego Maradona

  • Black lotus

    14-11-2020 00:04:00

    Indians, whether in the mother country or in the diaspora, may want to pause a bit before they indulge in their wholehearted embrace of Ms Harris

  • Mr Modi's real test case

    12-11-2020 00:53:00

    Over the next five years, it will be Narendra not Nitish who will be under pressure to deliver vikas and atmanirbharta in Bihar

  • Covid & festive politics

    24-10-2020 00:59:00

    Being the astute politician, Mr Modi has made his Bengal play a studied contrast to Ms Banerjee's irresponsible generosity