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Keya Sarkar

Keya Sarkar

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  • Gone with the Covid

    17-07-2020 20:38:00

    While artisans are in plenty, any other skill is scarce in a small town

  • Customers' service

    19-06-2020 23:56:00

    Customers not only have to suffer power cuts and get stressed just to complain about the cut, now we have to tell them when it is restored

  • Everyday heroes

    22-05-2020 21:20:00

    I don't know how many million such Covid warriors are there. What I do know is that I have been forgiven for my rudeness about Durga puja

  • Lockdown in a small place

    17-04-2020 22:35:00

    But never have I been so thankful for my decision to quit my life in Mumbai and shift to Santiniketan as I have been in these times of the coronavirus

  • The holi virus

    20-03-2020 21:45:00

    In recent years the tourists, mainly from Kolkata, made this festival their own

  • Flowers for planning

    14-02-2020 20:52:00

    After the dismantling of the Planning Commission, the centre continued to do the same work for NITI Aayog

  • NPR anyone?

    17-01-2020 22:03:00

    'Not that I agree with all that she or her party prescribes but I am totally in awe of her personal stamina,' the author writes on Mamata Banerjee

  • Seeds of discontent

    13-12-2019 20:20:00

    'Their agenda is always to figure out the social impact of businesses like mine', says the author

  • Telling didi

    15-11-2019 20:32:00

    'Didike bolo' or tell didi is a campaign which West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been running to address grievances of citizens

  • What Durga pujo really means

    18-10-2019 20:50:00

    As I was thinking about how interesting it was that Muslim families were also participating and making the most of the Durga pujo festivities, I realised it was not just restricted to pandal hopping

  • Not a child's play

    20-09-2019 20:50:00

    When aspirational MBAs or CAs that I needed to handle in my career in Mumbai seemed like child's play

  • The fear of Rs 50

    16-08-2019 21:27:00

    We realised how well he knew Santiniketan because the reticence to come out with Rs 50 was for real

  • Universal construction company

    19-07-2019 20:44:00

    On asking where the rubbish was coming from, an underage tractor driver said, the rubble was from some of the old buildings being demolished at Visva Bharati University

  • Are you a 'voluntourist'?

    28-06-2019 20:32:00

    Thanks to the Modi govt's grand plan of a four lane highway all the way to the sacred char dhams, the entire stretch from Haridwar to Rudraprayag was a driving hell filled with loaders, tractors

  • Travails of a 'priority' customer

    10-05-2019 20:26:00

    One of the pleasures of visiting your bank branch in a small town is that you are immediately shown into the manager's room