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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • A season for the hammer

    17-11-2018 00:00:00

    Auction houses are bringing collections to the market

  • When one prefers goat to greens

    16-11-2018 21:23:00

    At first, the new incumbent into the family was force-fed by my wife in the hope that she might get her to change her mind, but ingrained habits are difficult to overcome

  • The professional do-gooder

    10-11-2018 02:11:00

    We don't always acknowledge our need for people who help us negotiate the corridors of power, calling on them only in our hour of need, but they don't seem to overly-much mind it

  • Where's the party tonight?

    02-11-2018 21:01:00

    Having been to a few parties this week, but none at the homes of those we reckon as friends, my wife is at a loss about where to have a flutter, or two, with cards

  • The spectacle of sculpture

    02-11-2018 20:54:00

    The Statue of Unity in Gujarat was commissioned at almost the same time as the National Police Memorial in New Delhi's Chanakyapuri

  • For whom the bell tolls

    26-10-2018 22:53:00

    For now, the #MeToo movement has not looked sufficiently back in history but too many of us know such offenders and continue to socialise amidst them

  • The shape of things to come

    20-10-2018 00:21:00

    At the end of all that planning, everything should come together perfectly -but rarely does

  • My tryst with clean power

    12-10-2018 23:52:00

    If there is a growing emergency about the benighted planet, it's someone else's urgency, not mine

  • Making memories

    05-10-2018 23:53:00

    We dressed up neat and clean and were mostly ready by the time our son woke to say he was on top of things and we were not to worry

  • Scramble for Air India's art

    05-10-2018 21:03:00

    Air India's collection of art seems to have found a new home in New Delhi's National Gallery of Modern Art

  • Mom on the run

    28-09-2018 21:48:00

    Still, if only I knew where she is headed, or is right now, I'd worry less about a mom gone missing, writes Kishore Singh

  • Tyranny of the gourd family

    21-09-2018 23:38:00

    Having become acquainted with the gourd family, I have come to appreciate the many variations that set the varied looking but pulpy family apart

  • Shades of fundraising

    21-09-2018 21:46:00

    Not only have artists contributed works of better quality, they have also ensured that values are lower than their market value to ensure that the transactions take place

  • Hoping for the best

    14-09-2018 23:08:00

    Peels, skins, seeds, residue, pulp and other discardable organic matters are no longer thrown out of our house

  • Parable of the aunts

    07-09-2018 23:55:00

    There is a flurry of them, descending in gaggles at different points of the day, sending me into a rictus of despair with a look and a raised eyebrow, reminiscent of past demeanours