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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • Surefire ways to waste a Sunday

    24-07-2020 21:15:00

    Where, my son, lolling in front of the television, says, 'You have had yourself a Sunday break, Dad, won't you cook us something nice for dinner?'

  • Why is everyone complaining?

    17-07-2020 20:58:00

    You're a captive audience to friends who want you to share the agony of their aches and pains, their spouse's experiments in the kitchen gone wrong, or partners' peccadillos

  • Weight-gain meal plans

    10-07-2020 22:51:00

    Something similar must have been occurring with other family members who all announced going on different diets this week

  • The cook, war and peace

    03-07-2020 21:11:00

    My wife was the first to volunteer, causing collective anxiety in the family

  • Much awaited weekend getaway

    26-06-2020 23:43:00

    Three months after it broke down, the solar system was re-plugged, and the caretaker called to say we now have power at the cottage

  • The forgotten Bombay School

    26-06-2020 21:27:00

    Bombay School was based on realism, or naturalism, as taught by the colonial mindset that patterned it.

  • A very long list

    19-06-2020 23:56:00

    A list of terms I never want to hear or read again

  • The lockdown's getting to me

    12-06-2020 23:19:00

    My wife says does the RWA expect the dog to do his business in the house

  • No painter of pretty pictures

    12-06-2020 21:03:00

    If Amitava's early practice was characterised by anger, he has since tempered it with wisdom, yet he remains a chronicler of social wrongs, writes Kishore Singh

  • Shutting up ain't good for health

    05-06-2020 23:05:00

    Normally, cutting off conversation has its benefits, but not all the time, writes Kishore Singh

  • Thank god for porous borders!

    29-05-2020 22:11:00

    This was still days ahead of Modi's exploratory, one-day lockdown, though already a sense of uneasiness had set in

  • Chronicler of distress from another time

    29-05-2020 21:14:00

    Mumbai-based Chittaprosad reported on the Bengal famine after he was asked by the Communist Party of India for their journal, People's War

  • No appreciation? Come on!

    22-05-2020 21:20:00

    In a queue to buy provisions, two friends talking over the head of another shopper, everyone a meticulously measured six feet apart

  • A catalogue of wants

    16-05-2020 00:03:00

    Here's a catalogue of some of these

  • A prescient artist

    15-05-2020 21:38:00

    Surveying a century of art practice in India, one is struck anew by how artists have reacted to situations and crises in their lifetimes.