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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • Hoping for the best

    14-09-2018 23:08:00

    Peels, skins, seeds, residue, pulp and other discardable organic matters are no longer thrown out of our house

  • Parable of the aunts

    07-09-2018 23:55:00

    There is a flurry of them, descending in gaggles at different points of the day, sending me into a rictus of despair with a look and a raised eyebrow, reminiscent of past demeanours

  • The loss of art patronage

    07-09-2018 22:24:00

    Art is a reflection of society in the now and present, and (art or other) historians, scholars, researchers, curators or museums in the future will be hard-pressed to explain the loss of patronage

  • The art of fine dining

    31-08-2018 23:32:00

    Fine dining is more often ruined by manners than the quality of the meal itself

  • The round dining table

    25-08-2018 01:35:00

    A "boring" - to paraphrase my daughter - dining table will be acquired at home with room and more for the additional member of the family

  • Leaving a mark

    24-08-2018 23:33:00

    Reddy, who died this week in New York, had been unwell for a while and had disappeared from public view, writes Kishore Singh

  • My tryst with Vajpayee

    18-08-2018 00:10:00

    It was at a book release foisted into a chambers of industry event that I had my Vajpayee moment

  • Gifting away 'got' presents

    10-08-2018 23:27:00

    Who is to judge that the presents one so thoughtfully spends time choosing aren't somebody else's idea of junk?

  • Ways of seeing

    10-08-2018 20:52:00

    What is useful is knowing an artist's journey and what led him to work in a particular way, or shaped his ideas

  • Holidays and hotels

    03-08-2018 23:52:00

    Business hotels are more difficult to locate than vacation hotels because you are no longer the master of your own folly

  • My wife's BFF

    27-07-2018 23:38:00

    This was the 1970s when the subcontinent's teenagers, brought up on a diet of zealous austerity, found the whole experience of sports and glamour surreal and exciting

  • Mirroring the art of resistance

    27-07-2018 21:42:00

    Nilima Sheikh's scrolls are, at once gigantic in their context and scale, but familiar in their connect and urgency

  • Empty nest conversations

    21-07-2018 05:57:00

    There has never been the absence of sound at home, but too often now there is an absence of words instead

  • When change is impossible

    14-07-2018 05:56:00

    Like their counterparts, India's royal families have made attempts to appear progressive, to change with the times, often against resistance from within

  • Incorporating art and artists

    13-07-2018 21:25:00

    India's public sector has been known to offer employment to sportspersons