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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • An evening to remember

    15-02-2019 20:57:00

    'Waiter's crime was one of impropriety', says the author

  • Through her eyes

    08-02-2019 21:40:00

    Arpita Singh's are thoughtful paintings that make one pause and think. When that body of work covers 60 years, it makes one reflect on the extraordinary career of an artist

  • Wedding manager

    08-02-2019 20:53:00

    Weddings make you wish you had a hundred hands instead of a brain that feels like a sponge attached to 10 different heads being pulled in different directions

  • The art of unification

    25-01-2019 21:55:00

    The popular nationalistic upsurge led to Abanindranath Tagore rejecting his training in Western art practice in search for one that was more indigenous

  • Joy of seeing the tricolour fly

    25-01-2019 20:50:00

    Our collection of flags comes off the streets, bought from urchins who festoon themselves with the tricolour in the hope of making an extra buck around this time

  • No more party hopping

    18-01-2019 21:01:00

    The whole of the previous week, we had been on a party carousel

  • The missing Indians

    11-01-2019 23:29:00

    Who are the primary movers and shakers of the art world - the artists, their promoters, institutions and museums, or the collectors who provide the patronage?

  • Big can be beautiful too

    11-01-2019 21:00:00

    Since each is the size of a football, every time we have cabbage - and we seem to have it a lot - there is much more of it to go around

  • Trust me, I'm an expert

    04-01-2019 21:11:00

    It's easier to see a heart surgeon than a designer whose appearances on social pages far outnumber their presence before clients

  • The good, the bad and the ugly

    28-12-2018 22:25:00

    It was a cautious year in which no one took risks, but the market did better than most had hoped

  • My new resolution

    28-12-2018 21:10:00

    My new resolution is to break with my old resolution, says the author

  • Some amusing changes

    21-12-2018 21:13:00

    Courier deliverers take signatures on a hand-carried electronic gadget

  • The wedding juggernaut

    14-12-2018 21:39:00

    Weddings seems to be the industry that can single-handedly turn, however briefly, the fortunes of the country around

  • The malady of piling up books

    07-12-2018 21:21:00

    My wife, on the other hand, seems to have an irrational fear of completing them, writes Kishore Singh

  • Weekend revelry

    01-12-2018 02:15:00

    Over the years, we had seen our friends and their children happily arriving at parties together, unmindful of the uncles and aunties, a trend my daughter was a vocal critic of