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Kishore Singh

Kishore Singh

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  • No appreciation? Come on!

    22-05-2020 21:20:00

    In a queue to buy provisions, two friends talking over the head of another shopper, everyone a meticulously measured six feet apart

  • A catalogue of wants

    16-05-2020 00:03:00

    Here's a catalogue of some of these

  • A prescient artist

    15-05-2020 21:38:00

    Surveying a century of art practice in India, one is struck anew by how artists have reacted to situations and crises in their lifetimes.

  • The will of a 'dim-witted optimist'

    08-05-2020 23:07:00

    Being married to a pessimist has coloured my perception of the world as a source of infinite joy over which, as Bertie Wooster might have said, a dark cloud has marred the horizon

  • Picture-perfect food

    01-05-2020 22:40:00

    We drink lots of tea at home - first flush, Makaibari, Oolong, herbal - but none of it actually tastes like tea

  • Art world wide open

    01-05-2020 20:30:00

    While the confinement is chafing to us Indians as well, the concern in the art world isn't about an absence of footfalls at galleries and museums - as about the loss of business.

  • Work from home v/s work at home

    24-04-2020 23:01:00

    HR sends an email saying I absented myself from a Zoom conference and the boss is pissed. I take the clothes out of the washing machine

  • Poor me!

    17-04-2020 22:38:00

    Every day I am being made to work on menial things like 'Get me a glass of water', 'Put away your plate'.. This is not part of my job description as master of the house

  • A piece of the artist

    17-04-2020 20:52:00

    While an artist book may not seem like a conventional art work, for a dedicated collector it is the extreme portability it offers that is its greatest appeal.

  • Keeping up appearances

    10-04-2020 21:44:00

    From lip gloss to mascara, everyone seems to be taking a break from the demands of looking good

  • Chronicles from the lockdown

    03-04-2020 23:08:00

    Having help has left us free to work from home and offered the freedom to catch up with long-pending tasks

  • How might artists be keeping themselves occupied in forced confinement?

    03-04-2020 20:22:00

    Those with home studios are fortunate to be able to work, saved from distractions - one can be sure no gallerists or collectors are pursuing them for works required for exhibitions

  • At least we are together...

    27-03-2020 23:36:00

    Paranoia and suspicion are growing by the hour. What will become of us?

  • Surviving togetherness

    20-03-2020 21:49:00

    We're an educated family, I said, let's not act like the mindless hordes who spread misinformation over WhatsApp

  • Art's healing touch

    20-03-2020 21:36:00

    Does art heal? Evidence would point towards that, and it seems the chain hospitals are taking cognizance of it