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M J Antony

M J Antony

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  • Trademark row to 'financial creditor' under IBC, here're key court orders

    12-02-2021 22:26:00

    A selection of key court orders

  • Portents after the vaccine rollout

    19-01-2021 22:05:00

    Since the lockdown in March last year, a large section of the legal profession and litigants has found that virtual courts (VCs) are a beneficial innovation and should be institutionalised

  • SC in many shades of grey

    16-12-2020 20:53:00

    In 2019, the SC passed about 1,300 judgments, filling 17 volumes of law journals. In 2020, the output was about 800, though the noise the court created for wrong reasons was far above its performance

  • Stimulus package for e-courts

    18-11-2020 22:02:00

    Since the Budget season is coming soon, the central and state governments must consider the new costs of virtual courts

  • Labour law litigation logjam

    21-10-2020 01:20:00

    The SC is seen to have lost much of its stature while dealing with political and human rights issues in recent times. In that context, its decisions on labour laws will be analysed threadbare

  • Tribunals on ventilators

    25-09-2020 20:51:00

    Their predicament has worsened after the surprise lockdown

  • Use lean time for innovations

    27-08-2020 22:30:00

    Though the SC is supposed to be a constitutional court, cases involving the Constitution are fewer in number compared to those involving mundane matters

  • Birth pangs of virtual courts

    21-07-2020 23:11:00

    Litigants will gain in the long run as digital justice will be faster and cheaper

  • PIL spike in corona times

    23-06-2020 22:03:00

    Few governments in the world waited for court orders to mitigate peoples' sufferings

  • Virus stimulus for judiciary

    26-05-2020 22:47:00

    Courts must make up for the time lost in hesitating to adopt modern technology

  • Catching up in the cyberworld

    28-04-2020 23:01:00

    A tiny virus has forced judiciary to shake off its digital inertia

  • Price tags on life and limbs

    17-03-2020 21:37:00

    Lawmakers fix compensation amounts but do not revise them for decades

  • Crowded corridors of justice

    18-02-2020 22:48:00

    The Supreme Court delivered 1,293 judgments last year; only 3.3 per cent dealt with the Constitution

  • Riding power without bridles

    21-01-2020 21:17:00

    An undefined constitutional clause has grown too big for the times

  • Closing in on civic authorities

    24-12-2019 19:57:00

    Instead of civil action, the Supreme Court sanctions criminal prosecution