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M Ramachandran

M Ramachandran

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  • M Ramachandran: Suburban rail systems are vital for cities

    07-01-2017 21:34:00

    We know how much suburban rail services contribute to the effective functioning of Mumbai

  • M Ramachandran: BRICS and our cities

    29-09-2016 21:48:00

    At a time when urbanisation is progressing fast in the country, with its concomitant problems of inadequate basic infrastructure and mobility issues

  • M Ramachandran: Managing city transport

    17-09-2016 21:50:00

    London is a good example of how integrated and proactive decision making can ensure an organised transportation system in a large city

  • M Ramachandran: Urban reform in the liberalisation era

    06-08-2016 21:49:00

    Much more remains to be done to make life and living better for our urban residents. The earlier these issues are addressed, the better managed our cities will become

  • M Ramachandran: Towards better urban water management

    25-06-2016 21:49:00

    India needs an urban water management strategy which ensures that each city meets its basic water needs for the next 30 years, without becoming a victim of deficit rainfall and depleting water levels

  • M Ramachandran: PPPs and cities

    20-02-2016 21:49:00

    Since India's 400-odd cities with a population of over 100,000 face a severe shortage of services and finances, as well as governance issues, developing urban infrastructure calls for an integrated strategy

  • M Ramachandran: Questions from the Chennai floods

    19-12-2015 21:47:00

    Chennai's new airport terminal was built on the floodplains of the Adyar; pictures of aircraft stranded in water provide proof of what happens when nature's path is tampered with

  • M Ramachandran: Why are our cities in a mess today?

    28-11-2015 21:48:00

    In most cases, urban planning and creation of master plans for developing cities did not happen the way it should

  • M Ramachandran: Smart cities - what we make of them

    03-10-2015 21:48:00

    The government is not prescribing any particular model for smart cities. Each city has to formulate its own concept, vision, mission and plan

  • M Ramachandran: Lessons from London

    08-08-2015 21:49:00

    London's problems relating to public transport, affordable housing, road safety hold out lessons for India's big cities as well. Failure to address them will turn them into crises

  • M Ramachandran: Evaluating the urban push

    04-07-2015 21:50:00

    Carry out independent assessment of the nature of urban reform so it is not mechanically reported as being completed

  • M Ramachandran: For accountable cities

    06-06-2015 21:49:00

    Since vast sums of money are to be spent on recasting India's city landscape over the next five to six years, this is the right time for the Centre to take the initiative in bringing about big changes

  • M Ramachandran: Smart accountability

    09-05-2015 21:49:00

    The Centre and states will not be able to find the resources required for making our cities smart. Each city will have to plan its own agenda. So, empowering the elected systems of city bodies has to

  • M Ramachandran: Urban devolution, now

    14-03-2015 21:49:00

    The states must respect the principle of devolution and empower urban local bodies and provide them with more resources. The Constitution allows only state legislatures to assign functions to local bo

  • M Ramachandran: Housing for all?

    10-01-2015 21:38:00

    A housing strategy will have to look at a hierarchy of people who need it the most. Of the 4,041 statutory towns in the country, 63 per cent have slums. India has 13.75 million slum households, and th