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Mahesh Vyas

Mahesh Vyas

CEO, MD & Director, Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy

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  • Vulnerable jobs

    10 hours ago

    While about 13 million lost jobs during the month, the count of the unemployed increased by only 3 million

  • Disparate and slow recovery of sentiments

    27-06-2022 23:59:00

    Consumer sentiments have been recovering, but at a very slow pace. Worse still, this recovery has been decelerating in recent months. Further, this recovery is skewed in favour of the rich

  • Agni pareeksha

    20-06-2022 23:59:00

    Agnipath promises to hire only about 46,000 people initially; this would be increased in subsequent years

  • Consumer sentiments uncertain

    13-06-2022 23:59:00

    Consumer expectations in rural India were down by 1.7 per cent in May while expectations in urban India improved by 6.4 per cent

  • Employment gains

    06-06-2022 23:59:00

    Employment increased from 402.9 million in April to 404 million in May

  • Sentiments sour

    30-05-2022 23:59:00

    It is quite possible that the controls on export of wheat and sugar could have caused the sentiments in general and expectations in particular to sour in recent times

  • A robust industrial recovery

    23-05-2022 23:59:00

    Employment among industrial workers increased further by about a million in the January-April 2022 Wave

  • From households to enterprises to markets, expectations drive decisions

    16-05-2022 23:59:00

    Expectations play an important role in decision-making. Enterprises and the financial markets, for example, allocate funds that reflect their expectations

  • Bustling labour markets in April

    09-05-2022 23:59:00

    The labour force increased by 8.8 million - from 428.4 million in March 2022 to 437.2 million in April 2022

  • Consumer sentiments rise slowly

    02-05-2022 23:59:00

    Wounds of pandemic-induced lockdowns on households are healing

  • 7.5% growth not enough

    25-04-2022 23:59:00

    The divergence in real GDP growth and employment growth may continue into 2022-23, although it could be much smaller

  • Farmers are doing well

    18-04-2022 23:59:00

    In 2022, India will record the fifth consecutive year of bumper wheat crop

  • Unemployment rate falls, from grace

    11-04-2022 23:59:00

    The decline in the LPR reflects the inadequacy of the growth in employment opportunities

  • Consumer sentiment's recovery path

    04-04-2022 23:59:00

    The problem is that this recovery is grossly inadequate and the rate of recovery is not only too slow but is also slowing down

  • Slicing the unemployed by class

    28-03-2022 23:59:00

    In 2019-20, the poorest households accounted for 9.8% of all the households and only 3.2% of all the unemployed