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Mihir S Sharma

Mihir S Sharma

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  • India's trade contradictions

    19-06-2022 22:31:00

    WTO experience highlights India's less-than-coherent approach towards trade

  • Four stages of war

    03-06-2022 23:29:00

    At the end of the third stage of this war, the Russians will likely control a straightened and relatively defensible line in eastern Ukraine

  • Unexpected, but also unacceptable

    22-05-2022 23:18:00

    Russian invasion's multi-dimensional impact, and India's meek acceptance of the damage done to its economy

  • Numbered in the millions

    06-05-2022 23:03:00

    It is perfectly fair to dispute the exact methodology used by the WHO's research team

  • A new indispensable power

    24-04-2022 23:08:00

    No other capital should matter as much to New Delhi as Brussels

  • Seven questions after Ukraine

    09-04-2022 00:29:00

    Here is a quick summary of some of the questions this crisis has posed that remain unanswered

  • Ukraine's globalisation lesson

    28-03-2022 00:09:00

    Actually, interconnectedness and co-dependence preserve strategic autonomy

  • A long-expected invasion

    11-03-2022 22:46:00

    Russia has been denied the quick victory it craved and stares at a long and painful period in the global doghouse

  • Nothing to sell but dreams

    13-02-2022 23:09:00

    Today's key crypto-related regulatory questions reveal how it is not fulfilling its promised potential

  • At stake in UP

    11-02-2022 23:29:00

    What is certain is that the centrality of UP to India's political story has been confirmed

  • 'Covid Zero' to 'Living with Covid'

    16-01-2022 23:29:00

    The vaccination rate and vaccines' effectiveness against whichever is the dominant variant must determine policy makers' response from now on

  • Don't repeat 2021

    31-12-2021 23:21:00

    Too many of us entered the year thinking that Indians were for some reason less vulnerable to a devastating Covid wave than other, softer countries

  • Bangladesh: Model or miracle?

    19-12-2021 23:35:00

    Fifty years after the Liberation War left it devastated, why is Bangladesh South Asia's standout growth and development story?

  • The wrong regulator for fintech

    03-12-2021 23:30:00

    There has to be accountability for the central bank's errors in the past

  • A Pyrrhic victory for protesters

    21-11-2021 22:15:00

    PM's retreat on farm laws conceals what is actually going on