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Naushad Forbes

Naushad Forbes

President, Confederation of Indian Industry

President, Confederation of Indian Industry

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  • It's about jobs

    01-04-2019 00:15:00

    In the absence of high-quality jobs, we risk a future of social upheaval and frittering away the unique advantage of our young population

  • A contest of content in this election

    22-03-2019 00:21:00

    We need to hear from our political parties why we should vote for them, what ideas they stand for, their policies, reform, etc

  • Jobs can wait ... or can they?

    22-02-2019 00:24:00

    Job creation is crucial for peace to return to the Valley, even though it has taken a back seat in the wake of the Pulwama attack

  • How to reform Indian public research

    24-01-2019 00:35:00

    Freeze budgetary allocation to national laboratories in nominal terms and allocate the annual increase to the higher education sector

  • India's R&D imperative

    05-12-2018 22:21:00

    Raising manufacturing sector's share in GDP requires a fundamental change in our national innovation system and an increase in tech investments

  • Is RCEP good for Indian industry?

    28-08-2018 23:30:00

    The country's own history shows that openness to trade builds a competitive industrial sector, boosts exports and promotes growth

  • Naushad Forbes:A prudent Budget

    03-02-2017 00:18:00

    Budget, supporting planning for a multi-modal transport strategy for the country