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Nivedita Mookerji

Nivedita Mookerji

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  • No room for piecemeal policy changes

    10-07-2019 20:53:00

    Policymakers must understand that the bit by bit tweaks in FDI norms, spread over long years, won't help in the long run

  • Curious case of deep discounts

    26-06-2019 21:40:00

    It's time to look beyond vote bank and focus on ease of doing business

  • Tech-enabled government

    12-06-2019 21:19:00

    Modi 2.0 should strike a balance between quality access to technology and data security to ensure effective governance

  • How did Naresh Goyal clear immigration if there was a lookout circular?

    29-05-2019 20:52:00

    With no clear answer to the question from the authorities, there are two possibilities that may have played out last Saturday

  • Food for thought

    15-05-2019 22:09:00

    A new report shows Indians are not spending much on eating out, and even less when it comes to high-end restaurants

  • Poll tattle reaches fever pitch

    01-05-2019 22:13:00

    Bumping into Ruchir Sharma and other election stories from Kolkata and beyond...

  • Rallies matter even in election 2019

    17-04-2019 22:51:00

    Had it been an election of digital campaigns, the cost of 2019 election would have been far less than what it actually is

  • A study in contrasts

    03-04-2019 20:56:00

    The catchphrase in the Congress manifesto is "Make for the World", even though it is silent on multi-brand retail

  • 10 unanswered questions in the Jet Airways drama

    20-03-2019 18:29:00

    It is no rocket science that quick fixes don't work in any serious business. Jet is no different

  • Goodbye freebies

    07-03-2019 01:40:00

    For companies in the telecom and aviation sectors, revenue is a top concern now and will remain so for some time

  • Twitter and elections

    20-02-2019 20:09:00

    With the Lok Sabha polls round the corner, this might be a good time to look at the top Twitter influencers among our politicians

  • All eyes on Walmart

    06-02-2019 22:07:00

    Will Walmart stay put in India or will the policy flip-flop make it review its plans?

  • 2003 redux

    23-01-2019 20:21:00

    Trai's latest intervention in the cable and DTH market has created more confusion than it has solved

  • 'Tailored' news is bad news

    09-01-2019 22:32:00

    Readymade news bulletin from public broadcaster AIR on private FM may not be the best form of news

  • The real meaning of Christmas holiday

    26-12-2018 20:52:00

    Londoners take their Christmas holiday seriously. It is rare to find even one restaurant open in the city's busiest districts on that day