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Pallavi Aiyar

Pallavi Aiyar

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  • Indonesia: A nation atwitter

    12-04-2014 21:10:00

    The defining feature of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, is indisputably the traffic jam. For much of the day the creaking infrastructure of this city of 10 million people faces almost total gridlock. But there is one unlikely beneficiary of this ...

  • Europe on vacation

    20-12-2013 21:50:00

    Making money - and work in itself - isn't a priority in Europe, or so it seems to author who recalls an annual ritual when everyone from civil servants to gardeners embark on months-long holiday

  • Pallavi Aiyar: In EU, farm subsidies remain crisis-proof

    14-01-2012 00:15:00

    Europe is beset. Banks are sinking, governments are falling and people are taking to the streets in anger as high unemployment, stagnant growth and ballooning deficits make for a gloomy start to 2012. The region needs cash and is devising ever more ...

  • Euro trajectory may make or break Merkel

    28-12-2011 00:29:59

    Analysts say German Chancellor’s prescriptions for growth will not create a fiscal union.

  • Warnings on euro zone get more serious

    29-11-2011 00:43:00

    Probability of multiple countries in the euro area defaulting is no longer negligible, says Moody’s.

  • EU's executive for stronger fiscal integration

    24-11-2011 00:10:31

    European Commission proposes euro bonds and more control on national policies, but Germany swiftly vetoes any debt pooling.

  • Merkozy and the art of euro zone maintenance

    23-11-2011 00:44:58

    Why Berlin and Paris won’t — and shouldn’t — let go of their fractious embrace on a smouldering stage.

  • Pallavi Aiyar: Twist in the Euro tale

    19-11-2011 00:39:51

    By openly turning to China for salvation, Europe has accelerated the process by which its own clout is declining relative to Beijing¿s

  • Europe turns to technocrats

    17-11-2011 00:47:00

    As fiscal contagion blazes across Europe, democracy has been put on hold in the very places where it was born, Athens and Rome. Replacing Italy’s playboy billionaire prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and the scion of Greece’s leading ...

  • Credit ratings agencies under EU scanner

    16-11-2011 00:40:00

    Responding to what is widely felt by the political establishment in Europe to be the “destabilising” role played by credit ratings agencies in the ongoing euro zone crisis, the European Commission unveiled measures to curb their power ...

  • Adjudged as failing to lead

    15-11-2011 00:03:00

    The two govt heads scalped last week by the euro crisis could not be more different from each other.

  • EC lowers euro zone growth forecast

    11-11-2011 00:37:00

    There was no let-up from gloomy news in Europe, as the European Commission has slashed already tepid growth forecasts for the euro zone and warned of recession in several countries. For the next year, the EC growth forecast for the 17-country bloc ...

  • Brussels meet struggles to keep pace with events

    09-11-2011 00:35:00

    Meeting in Brussels on Tuesday to work out a way to keep the euro from collapse, finance ministers from across the European Union struggled to keep ahead of the curve, with events in Rome and Athens unfolding at a giddy pace.

  • Brussels begins daunting task

    08-11-2011 00:24:00

    Following 10 days of political drama, the spotlight in Europe shifted to more technical matters on Monday, with finance ministers of the 17-member euro zone gathering this evening at Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union.

  • China gets cautious on bailing out Europe

    04-11-2011 00:12:57

    Beijing aware of unpopularity the move can fetch it amid inflation, poverty.