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Pradipta Bagchi

Pradipta Bagchi

Pradipta Bagchi

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  • Pandemic queers the pitch for pro sports

    06-07-2020 22:24:00

    For the BCCI, while the payoffs for hosting the IPL this year are huge, the pandemic and then the border tension with China have complicated the issue

  • Pandemic exposes digital inadequacies

    23-06-2020 22:36:00

    While Indians have become more adept at using online and digital resources during the lockdown, it has only helped to heighten the displeasure at shoddy online systems thrust on them by governments

  • A brand new local world

    02-06-2020 02:01:00

    As India goes from Lockdown 4.0 to Unlock 1.0, anxiety about health, finances and family continues to be the overriding emotion for those stuck at home

  • The AGM: Obituary of a unique Dalal Street tradition

    21-05-2020 22:44:00

    These shareholder-led AGMs are a throwback to the pre-reforms era when the annual meetings served to engage and reassure shareholders and often hit them up for more capital

  • The pandemic pivot to low-touch business

    05-05-2020 00:08:00

    There are sectors that are looking beyond the pandemic to pivot from being a high-touch business to a low-touch one

  • Social spirit of the corona times

    03-04-2020 00:14:00

    Jugaad hit primetime as countries scrambled to cope with thousands of Covid-19 patients while managing shortages of key equipment

  • India's soft power in the age of hard Hindutva

    03-03-2020 23:56:00

    While this is the first time India has broken into the top 30, the Brand Finance Global Soft-Power Index 2020 highlighted that India punches well below its weight

  • The rise (and rise) of the family office

    04-02-2020 02:14:00

    Unicorns are toppling older industrialists who have got quashed under debt and distracted diversifications

  • CEOs on Social: Will the ego land in 2020?

    08-01-2020 00:53:00

    Today, an entire industry has sprung up to support the narrative that CEOs need to be highly social

  • Where can you bank for your buck?

    19-12-2019 01:05:00

    From being perceived as economic victims weighed down by bad loans, the finance sector has emerged as the villain in 2019

  • AI: Snake oil or a promise pill?

    03-12-2019 21:45:00

    The clamour to get attention and be noticed as experts in the absence of proof points is causing people to question the credibility of all the applications AI promises

  • Bad news: What you say doesn't matter

    18-11-2019 23:28:00

    The impact of user-generated content which takes the brand out of the brand owner's control is only growing