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Prosenjit Datta

Prosenjit Datta

Prosenjit Datta

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  • Crypto ban: It's not the solution

    05-04-2021 23:15:00

    The government needs to realise that cryptocurrencies today are what stocks were in the 17th century. They cannot be ignored and the door cannot be shut on them in the long run

  • Healing a weak regulator

    01-03-2021 22:54:00

    Weaknesses in India's drug regulatory regime and the constraints and questionable decisions of the drug regulator could mar the country's reputation in global markets

  • No heroes or villains on Wall Street

    03-02-2021 22:51:00

    The problem with treating the GameStop saga as an Occupy Wall Street movement 2.0 is that it ignores some fundamental differences

  • The promise of techno-nationalism

    05-01-2021 00:00:00

    Techno-nationalism sees nation states using their superiority in specific technologies rise up the global hierarchy and dominate other nations

  • Not your grandfather's manufacturing

    30-11-2020 23:49:00

    While announcing its policies, the government needs to keep in mind that global manufacturing is also changing

  • The Big Four, VCs and start-ups

    03-11-2020 00:36:00

    If the Big Tech companies get broken up and their powers to acquire get significantly curbed therefore, the whole ecosystem will need to change

  • In quest for greener vehicles don't scare away the existing auto investors

    06-10-2020 01:37:00

    Of late, government policies for the automobile sector have been in the news more for dissuading existing players than encouraging them to invest more

  • Covid-19 has changed how research is done; will the changes be permanent?

    01-09-2020 23:30:00

    In the case of Covid, researchers, drug companies and regulators are trying to compress that timeline as far as possible

  • Breaking up Big Tech

    05-08-2020 01:43:00

    Antitrust hearings are taking place against the big five companies

  • Haves and have-nots in AI

    08-07-2020 00:31:00

    Over the past year and a half, the government has been focusing on how AI can improve governance and service delivery

  • Big Tech and the coronavirus

    15-06-2020 23:56:00

    None of the Big Tech companies or tycoons appears to be playing a meaningful role in the testing, spread, cure, or eradication of the virus or even in contact tracing so far

  • Big crises, big solutions

    14-05-2020 00:54:00

    Most of the non-fiction I read over the past month had one thing in common, though they were otherwise very different