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Prosenjit Datta

Prosenjit Datta

Prosenjit Datta

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  • A true picture of the post-pandemic future

    02-05-2022 22:38:00

    There are very few issues that the report has failed to mention or explore in depth

  • The carbon cost of data

    05-04-2022 00:26:00

    It is estimated that the cloud industry consumes more power than many nation states, and it is a bigger emitter than the global aviation industry

  • Learning from the Ukraine experience

    28-02-2022 23:39:00

    The fact that the number of Indian students who go abroad for studies is increasing every year is well-known

  • Look beyond the short term

    31-01-2022 23:14:00

    There have been few efforts to reform India's education sector seriously over the decades

  • Covid-19: Avoiding old mistakes

    03-01-2022 22:39:00

    The world, and particularly India, needs to be cautious and prepared for the worst

  • A sea of problems

    30-11-2021 23:43:00

    Before the era of industrialisation, the oceans actually released more carbon into the atmosphere than they took in

  • The green issues of tomorrow

    02-11-2021 00:22:00

    Even while these efforts are underway, new threats to the environment are cropping up.

  • Whose company is it?

    04-10-2021 22:37:00

    The Invesco vs the Goenkas saga will see a long-drawn-out court battle before shareholders get any chance to vote on any proposal by the management or Invesco

  • The tech landscape is changing

    31-08-2021 23:26:00

    The action against big tech in the US could affect start-ups in other countries like India both positively and negatively

  • Catching up on chip

    02-08-2021 23:01:00

    The chip industry is divided largely into players who design and fabricate their own chips; those who only design chips; and those who only fabricate chips

  • A bottleneck in the vaccine chain

    05-07-2021 22:57:00

    Prosenjit Datta points to a possible crisis as the government moves to improve supplies of Covid vaccines: inadequate testing facilities to handle those volumes

  • No lessons learnt on vaccine procurement

    31-05-2021 23:33:00

    The government has, either by design or accident, engineered a market with too many buyers and too few suppliers

  • Questions about the global vaccine shortage

    03-05-2021 22:00:00

    Poor planning by the Union government has ensured that India is not just short of doses but also that the shortage will remain for quite some time

  • Crypto ban: It's not the solution

    05-04-2021 23:15:00

    The government needs to realise that cryptocurrencies today are what stocks were in the 17th century. They cannot be ignored and the door cannot be shut on them in the long run

  • Healing a weak regulator

    01-03-2021 22:54:00

    Weaknesses in India's drug regulatory regime and the constraints and questionable decisions of the drug regulator could mar the country's reputation in global markets