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R S Sharma

R S Sharma

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  • RBI vs politics

    12-11-2018 01:39:00

    Govt seeks to put re-election above RBI independence, another instance of its failure to manage India's economy properly

  • India's great war

    09-11-2018 22:22:00

    In India, we have been somewhat quiet about a war in which a million of our soldiers fought, and 75,000 died

  • India is not a banana republic

    26-10-2018 22:34:00

    Patriotic Indians feel only one small disappointment: The new leadership of the CBI has so far failed to issue any clean chits

  • The limits of Chinese cash

    15-10-2018 00:11:00

    For India, what are the implications of Pakistan having to turn to the IMF again?

  • The power of women's stories

    12-10-2018 23:10:00

    In the end the very power of the stories that we are being told must take precedence

  • Humans, environment matter more than growth: Economics Nobel winners' work

    08-10-2018 23:23:00

    What William Nordhaus and Paul Romer's Nobel-winning work means for a growth-hungry India

  • The problem with blasphemy

    28-09-2018 21:24:00

    India may well be a religious country, but that is precisely why we need to avoid criminalising blasphemy, writes Mihir S Sharma

  • Lack of transparency belies Modi govt's claim of corruption-free governance

    24-09-2018 00:42:00

    No Lokpal, weakened institutions and stonewalled RTI make it harder to evaluate the govt's actions

  • A very political banking crisis

    14-09-2018 22:24:00

    Even when faced with a banking crisis, the government has not even attempted to address the root cause of decades of bad loans

  • Dragons in the mist

    29-08-2018 23:37:00

    Why precisely does this most improbable of creatures, a giant scaly flying fire-breathing beast, have such universal appeal?

  • Truth is that on growth, Modi govt's performance has been astoundingly poor

    27-08-2018 01:43:00

    Regardless of its relentless propaganda, the fact remains that the government has wasted a great opportunity to boost GDP growth

  • Parliament's premier

    17-08-2018 23:05:00

    How should history judge Atal Bihari Vajpayee?

  • The matter of migrants

    03-08-2018 23:31:00

    Bangladeshi 'infiltration' is a common bugbear among right-wing politicians in what the Northeast refers to as the 'mainland'

  • Fact free

    27-07-2018 23:06:00

    What does it say about Indian law and jurisprudence that a company would prefer to fight a branding battle in the courts rather than through a marketing campaign?

  • Summer reading suitcases

    20-07-2018 05:58:00

    If every book you took with you while travelling was enjoyable, you might accidentally read through them all - and be, once again, faced with the horrifying prospect of actually talking to your family