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R S Sharma

R S Sharma

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  • Trains of thought

    4 hours ago

    Trains in particular - for many detective novels, they are not just a backdrop, but a player and a plot point

  • Work from home forever

    22-05-2020 20:51:00

    The fact is that small businesses will not be able to afford to experiment; individual workers do not have the power to impose their preferences

  • Fiscal prudence still matters

    10-05-2020 23:51:00

    Govt will need to spend more, but should credibly commit through institutional reform to future transparency and prudence

  • Humble leaders, please

    08-05-2020 22:53:00

    This is one of those crises where it does not only matter that you do something, but how you do it

  • The self-reliance myth

    24-04-2020 22:34:00

    It is not just that we all, in our personal lives, have rediscovered to our dismay that dependence on too many other people leaves us exposed during crises

  • Read from home

    22-04-2020 23:34:00

    One should worry, of course, about what this is doing to one small business sector in particular that was already under stress: Bookshops

  • The wrong diagnosis

    12-04-2020 23:14:00

    Calls for fiscal stimulus and monetary overreach will not help deal with the pandemic's economic consequences

  • Openness and leadership

    10-04-2020 21:14:00

    By allowing time for preparation by individuals, companies and local governments, the many issues with the lockdown could have been avoided

  • The pandemic's other dangers

    27-03-2020 23:06:00

    This crisis is not like those before: There is no obvious villain, whether jihadist terrorists or financiers; and few alive have lived through the last pandemic

  • Time to read

    26-03-2020 01:45:00

    It's possible you want to escape the reality of what's happening to the world - countrywide shutdowns, worry and concern, divided politicians

  • No time for a stimulus

    13-03-2020 23:04:00

    Covid-19 is not like the 2008 global financial crisis. It is a crisis of a very different sort. You can't spend your way out of it

  • To what extent will coronavirus outbreak rewire global trade dynamics?

    01-03-2020 23:25:00

    Unless mainland China somehow manages a swift recovery, historians of globalisation will view this moment as a watershed

  • The uses of violence

    28-02-2020 20:01:00

    The disinformation that accompanies the violence is of a typically high order, as befits an operation that has been at the cutting edge of the 21st century's alternative-facts breakthroughs

  • Delhi's regional party

    14-02-2020 20:41:00

    It is hard to see how the AAP could easily spread outside Delhi

  • Crowding out and opening up

    02-02-2020 21:03:00

    Tied spending, revenue crunch mean the finance minister did the best she could on financing the deficit