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R S Sharma

R S Sharma

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  • Kashmir's troubled future

    15-02-2019 20:33:00

    'Kashmir is a live political issue in India in a way that it never has been before', says the author

  • Why JLF is forever young

    05-02-2019 22:58:00

    This year, my favourite session at JLF was one that wasn't even on the programme, featuring the librarian of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

  • Why Modi government may have been more fiscally profligate than UPA-II

    04-02-2019 00:41:00

    Contrary to expectations, Narendra Modi's government may have been more fiscally profligate than UPA-II

  • Two parties and many

    18-01-2019 20:05:00

    A fragmented politics, with multiple shifting coalitions, is far better, more efficient, and more democratic, than the "normal" two-party system

  • Why India should object to China being bracketed as a developing country

    09-01-2019 00:16:00

    India needs to take the lead in ensuring that the term 'developing country' is defined to exclude China

  • Decoding 2019

    04-01-2019 20:35:00

    All Indian elections are uncertain, but this one is more uncertain than most

  • In defence of Shah

    21-12-2018 20:42:00

    As Prime Minister, Adityanath is not an unimaginable prospect

  • A tale of two rallies

    10-12-2018 00:48:00

    The two mammoth rallies at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan look different, but both reveal the need of better economic management

  • Trade war or tech war?

    07-12-2018 20:38:00

    This is not a fight that either side can back down on; you can imagine a compromise on tariffs and trade that Trump and Xi tried to hammer out but there can be no compromise on the technological race

  • Another season of litfests

    30-11-2018 00:37:00

    Litfests may not be about books; but they are still, perhaps, about a hunger for ideas

  • About a poster

    24-11-2018 00:10:00

    To anyone who has been awake and literate for the past couple of decades, the notion that we live in a Brahminical patriarchy and that some people want to smash it will not come as a surprise

  • RBI vs politics

    12-11-2018 01:39:00

    Govt seeks to put re-election above RBI independence, another instance of its failure to manage India's economy properly

  • India's great war

    09-11-2018 22:22:00

    In India, we have been somewhat quiet about a war in which a million of our soldiers fought, and 75,000 died

  • India is not a banana republic

    26-10-2018 22:34:00

    Patriotic Indians feel only one small disappointment: The new leadership of the CBI has so far failed to issue any clean chits

  • The limits of Chinese cash

    15-10-2018 00:11:00

    For India, what are the implications of Pakistan having to turn to the IMF again?