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Radhika Oberoi

Radhika Oberoi

Radhika Oberoi

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  • Ominous omissions

    06-05-2022 22:59:00

    Condemned poets lie scattered across eras and geographies with unique political exigencies and religious compulsions

  • The great railway chronicler

    09-04-2022 00:22:00

    'The Great Railway Bazaar' is inflected with literary ideas and references to fictional worlds

  • Is home a free country?

    19-03-2022 00:14:00

    Governments curtail our freedom by making new laws and databases and devising surveillance technologies

  • Splintered light

    03-12-2021 23:36:00

    The novel tells of the white South African Swart family that owns a farm on the edges of Pretoria, a rambling place of haphazard design

  • Mark Twain: The travelling philosopher

    12-11-2021 23:33:00

    Humour isn't out of place in Mark Twain's journals, though. In fact, it ripples through his descriptions, creating traceries of light upon the grim landscapes of colonial rule

  • Fragments of exhilaration

    04-11-2021 22:44:00

    Fragments Against My Ruin has tableaux of fortuitous encounters, new friendships, and the early stirrings of political ideologies that will influence his work as a writer

  • Midnight's septuagenarians

    14-08-2021 00:42:00

    Saleem, nearly thirty-one-years old, puts on display the many personal artefacts and feelings and notions and nicknames and omens that are his inheritance

  • The crumbling city

    29-06-2021 23:36:00

    Book review of A Shadow of the Past: A Short Biography of Lucknow

  • Ode to an era

    25-03-2021 23:52:00

    Book review of Enter Stage Right: The Alkazi / Padamsee Family Memoir

  • Many departures from conformity

    27-11-2020 02:00:00

    Book review of Off the Beaten Track: The Story of My Unconventional Life

  • Inner landscapes in an unsettled universe

    09-10-2020 00:07:00

    Book review of Intimations: Six Essays

  • Hands across the border

    28-08-2020 23:29:00

    Suketu Mehta makes a passionate case for the immigrant's right to free movement

  • Too much misinformation

    30-07-2020 00:06:00

    Bad News is a meticulously-researched discourse on the state of the news, and the psychological impulses that determine how we consume it

  • Rohinton Mistry's 1995 novel captured the grand tragedies of Emergency

    19-06-2020 21:37:00

    A Fine Balance is also a ludicrous sketch of a nation, its grand tragedies and political misadventures, specifically during the Emergency of 1975, which was declared 45 years ago on June 25

  • Gunjan Veda's book seeks to break caste through sunlit stories from India

    29-05-2020 21:00:00

    Author Gunjan Veda confronts her own prejudices in the hesitant but brave epilogue of her book The Museum of Broken Tea Cups: Postcards from India's Margins