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Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar

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  • What $650 billion can buy

    24-11-2021 23:44:00

    India's stock of external commercial borrowing, for instance, is in excess of $200 billion

  • India's post-pandemic fiscal future

    27-10-2021 22:40:00

    The post-pandemic fiscal future would also depend on the way government expenditure is directed

  • Managing risks of a green economy

    23-09-2021 23:44:00

    A rapid transition to renewable energy, which is necessary, will disrupt a number of businesses

  • Time to reassess monetary policy positions

    25-08-2021 23:31:00

    Although the pandemic is unlikely to end immediately, its impact on economic activity would slowly wane

  • The other side of IBC

    28-07-2021 22:34:00

    Any restructuring of stressed accounts outside the IBC would not look credible till the performance of PSBs improves

  • The limits of central banking 'toolkit'

    23-06-2021 23:01:00

    The change in the Fed's forecast and a possible shift in policy is perhaps a good time to review how central banks - including the RBI - responded to the crisis, and debate future possibilities

  • Limitations of India's Covid response

    25-05-2021 23:36:00

    Economic recovery will remain feeble till the pandemic is convincingly controlled

  • The mounting cost of Covid-19

    22-04-2021 23:11:00

    The rapid increase in the number of new Covid-19 cases and restrictions on activity are affecting economic recovery

  • The making of another storm

    25-03-2021 00:10:00

    Evolving conditions in both domestic and international markets can materially increase policy complexities

  • India's sovereign rating fixation

    24-02-2021 23:33:00

    Should Indian policymakers be concerned about India's existing sovereign rating?

  • Budget with a long-term view

    27-01-2021 23:05:00

    Govt can approach the Budget 2021 with an aim to rebuild the economy to attain the long-term objective of sustained higher growth

  • India's 2021 policy maze

    23-12-2020 23:02:00

    Policy decisions during the course of the year will determine the strength and durability of recovery in the Indian economy

  • Indian economy's new normal

    26-11-2020 01:41:00

    A slower pace of contraction in Q2, or a possible break out in the current quarter, would not end the problems of the Indian economy

  • Why the government is not spending

    21-10-2020 23:43:00

    Given the level of economic decline, it is reasonable to expect the government to significantly increase spending and support economic activity

  • India in the world of (near) free money

    24-09-2020 00:50:00

    The stance of the large central banks and recent changes in the policy framework mean that the cost of money in the global financial system would remain low in the foreseeable future