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Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar

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  • Indian economy's new normal

    26-11-2020 01:41:00

    A slower pace of contraction in Q2, or a possible break out in the current quarter, would not end the problems of the Indian economy

  • Why the government is not spending

    21-10-2020 23:43:00

    Given the level of economic decline, it is reasonable to expect the government to significantly increase spending and support economic activity

  • India in the world of (near) free money

    24-09-2020 00:50:00

    The stance of the large central banks and recent changes in the policy framework mean that the cost of money in the global financial system would remain low in the foreseeable future

  • Maintaining macroeconomic stability

    26-08-2020 23:58:00

    It would not be easy to increase interest rates when the output is contracting

  • India's policy fault lines

    31-07-2020 01:28:00

    It is important to note that the economy was losing momentum even before the Covid crisis

  • The fiscal response challenge

    22-04-2020 23:34:00

    In terms of policy response, governments and central banks are intervening aggressively in the advanced economies

  • Why fiscal rules should be revisited

    13-02-2020 23:54:00

    According to the revised FRBM rules, as amended by the Finance Act, 2018, the central government debt stock should not exceed 40 per cent of GDP by the end of financial year 2024-25

  • India's fiscal experiments

    30-01-2020 00:35:00

    The government will need to take a call on whether it wants to support growth - which is expected to slip to 5 per cent in the current year - or contain fiscal slippage

  • Policy challenges with 5 per cent growth

    10-01-2020 00:26:00

    Since the scope of supporting growth through fiscal and monetary policy is fairly limited, economic revival will ultimately depend on policy reforms