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Ranjan Mathai

Ranjan Mathai

Ranjan Mathai

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  • Oiling the recovery

    19-02-2021 22:00:00

    Private players struggle against excessive regulation. The result is loss of investment and employment opportunities in India

  • Rafales and self-reliance

    30-01-2021 01:47:00

    India seeks self-reliance even as it faces the strategic challenge of a real two-front threat scenario. This calls for defence requirements to reacquire budgetary priority

  • Minerals in our solar future

    12-07-2020 20:17:00

    If India walks the talk toward greater self-sufficiency in the renewable energy industry, it could slow the march of China to global dominance in the full spectrum of the solar energy industry

  • Critical minerals for critical times

    01-06-2020 22:08:00

    National security requires that we review supply chains for critical-mineral industries to deal with obstacles to international trade

  • Securing an energy lifeline for the nation

    08-06-2019 21:20:00

    India has come a long way since 1990, having built a Strategic Reserve and acquired oil assets in over 25 foreign countries