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Rathin Roy

Rathin Roy

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  • Decline and fall

    07-04-2022 22:37:00

    The governor of a central bank must be trusted to act in good faith by the government of the day

  • Covid, conflict and China

    17-03-2022 00:08:00

    For the countries of Europe, the conflict poses existential questions

  • Spurious macroeconomic analytics

    10-02-2022 23:19:00

    The expenditure specific multipliers that are being cited to proclaim this Budget as expansionary have no analytical foundation.

  • Not a 25-year blueprint

    01-02-2022 23:29:00

    This is not a Budget that supports economic recovery, whether through supporting aggregate demand, or through expansionary stimulus

  • Imagine: The common good

    09-12-2021 22:56:00

    'I propose a common "offer" to countries that are engaged in imagining a joined-up foreign, trade, defence and development policy framework', says the author

  • Whose net zero future?

    04-11-2021 10:40:00

    India is in a fortunate position in that almost every action to improve productivity and equity will be carbon reducing

  • The medium-term macro-fiscal prognosis

    14-10-2021 23:57:00

    For rich economies, the pandemic is an aberration

  • How green is my central bank

    16-09-2021 23:12:00

    Green climate and other bonds, and fixed-income assets do offer an explicit and ex-ante guarantee of carbon neutrality

  • Change in the pandemic age

    05-08-2021 23:20:00

    The era of globalisation was marked by an assumption of continual convergence

  • View from the edge

    01-07-2021 22:36:00

    The Union government is so fiscally ineffective that it can only spend an incremental 0.4 per cent of GDP on healthcare in a pandemic, against a global average of 1.2 per cent, writes Rathin Roy

  • Building back differently

    08-04-2021 23:50:00

    Putting India back on the growth track demands a robust analytical framework to address the structural downturn in the economy caused by Covid-19

  • Administrative success but executive failure

    04-03-2021 23:22:00

    The banking system is mired in structural difficulties. Roads are being built, but India continues to be a logistics nightmare relative to its Asian competitors.

  • Finance Commission's dose of reality

    15-02-2021 23:01:00

    The Commission has also accomplished a remarkable job, given the clumsy and normatively biased Terms of Reference (ToR) that it had to work with

  • Budget 2021: It's business as usual

    02-02-2021 02:22:00

    There are several welcome standalone reforms but these do not add up to a coherent strategy to achieve a $5 trillion economy

  • Political economy of fiscal responsibility

    07-01-2021 22:33:00

    The economy requires a fiscal battle plan and this, in turn, requires a fiscal responsibility framework