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Rukmini Gupte

Rukmini Gupte

Brand strategist and consultant with Healthy Marketing

Rukmini Gupte, Brand strategist and consultant with Healthy Marketing

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  • Breathing life into brands

    22-04-2018 23:03:00

    How can companies work towards 'real' customer intimacy

  • Consumer activism is forcing many brands to change behaviour

    19-03-2018 05:29:00

    So consumers are forcing brands like Pepsi or Dove to withdraw and apologise for communication that is deemed inappropriate or disrespectful

  • The new mantra of personalisation

    27-11-2017 00:12:00

    I-branding is the rage as marketers rush to cater to personal quirks and desires more than ever before

  • Waste not, want not

    15-10-2017 23:57:00

    Brands can turn frugality into a differentiated purpose, build an identity in keeping with the times

  • Harnessing the power of celebrity

    18-09-2017 00:04:00

    Stars are successfully transforming fans into loyal consumers, beating big brands at their own game

  • Shop till you drop

    21-08-2017 00:22:00

    It is not a choice between online and physical stores, but over which brand delivers the right expe

  • No place to hide

    09-07-2017 23:49:00

    Brands can no longer use transparency as an empty slogan, they need to walk the talk