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Sajjid Chinoy

Sajjid Chinoy

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  • A strong case for a weaker rupee

    29-03-2022 23:03:00

    If the terms of trade shock persist, the rupee will have to be a key part of the needed macro adjustment

  • The fiscal-monetary tango

    16-01-2022 22:27:00

    The pandemic years called for policy reinforcement; the post-pandemic aftermath will call for policy prioritisation

  • Fiscal vs monetary policy, under uncertainty

    24-05-2021 21:34:00

    Heightened uncertainty from a second wave is likely to increase the relative efficacy of fiscal vis-a-vis monetary policy

  • A recovery interrupted

    23-05-2021 21:45:00

    This first of a two-part essay assesses the emerging economic fallout of the second wave

  • Economic response to the second wave of coronavirus pandemic

    24-04-2021 06:05:00

    State-specific income support and vaccine vouchers would be the best use of fiscal resources in the near term

  • An expansionary consolidation

    26-01-2021 23:19:00

    The Budget can generate an expansionary fiscal impulse even as it consolidates the headline deficit

  • Making sense of the recovery

    18-11-2020 01:11:00

    The recent economic acceleration is encouraging, but below the hood, palpable risks still loom

  • The Morning After

    30-03-2020 00:20:00

    Policy interventions will have to be intelligent: Striving to create deep, but temporary, safety nets during COVID-19 without generating imbalances and distortions thereafter

  • COVID: Flattening the (economic cost) curve

    18-03-2020 20:54:00

    Flattening the outbreak curve will necessarily entail steepening the economic cost curve; policy will have to cushion the economic blow

  • Calibrating the policy mix

    27-01-2020 23:49:00

    The right fiscal-monetary-external balance must be achieved to nurture and harness a nascent recovery

  • India's credit crunch: Demand or supply?

    11-12-2019 21:21:00

    Evidence of heightened risk aversion suggests a supply-shock has choked credit offtake

  • Dissecting the slowdown, evaluating the response

    11-08-2019 22:56:00

    The second part of the series in which top economists and thinkers offer their views on how to revive the economy

  • The Budget, the Survey and the trilemma

    28-07-2019 22:50:00

    The Economic Survey correctly argues for investment-led growth. The Budget understandably wants to tap a cheap pool of global savings. But can these co-exist?

  • A near-term policy agenda for the new govt

    31-05-2019 01:14:00

    Markets are clamouring for stimulus and romanticising about big-bang reforms. But the new administration's first job must be to fix the plumbing

  • Arvind Subramanian's legacy

    26-07-2018 05:54:00

    The outgoing Chief Economic Advisor will always be remembered for his remarkable passion, his large imprint on policymaking and the high level of public debate he fostered