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Sandeep Goyal

Sandeep Goyal

Sandeep Goyal

Sandeep Goyal

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  • Woke versus anti-woke debate hots up

    17-03-2023 22:36:00

    The latest candidate to throw his hat in the US presidential ring, Indian-American Vivek Ramaswamy, is one of the most voluble antagonists on the anti-woke side

  • Do odd alliances make bad brand flirtations?

    03-03-2023 23:01:00

    There have been brand collaborations in the past that have been really well done

  • Will a new, improved Coke Studio succeed?

    17-02-2023 22:17:00

    Unlike Coke Studio Pakistan, the Indian format has struggled to make an impact. Its challenge will be to drum up some good music

  • A stripe more or a stripe less?

    20-01-2023 22:45:00

    Thom Browne may have escaped consequences for the extra stripe in the Adidas matter, but this might really be an exception to the rule

  • Consumer trends that will shape 2023

    06-01-2023 22:35:00

    From renting luxury items to recommerce and using AR to make purchase decisions - the customer will get smarter, more realistic and more prudent this year

  • And the World Cup goes to Louis Vuitton

    23-12-2022 23:01:00

    As the World Cup gathered momentum, Louis Vuitton launched a campaign starring football icons Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, photographed playing chess together

  • Wealth & inequality as derivatives of time

    09-12-2022 22:36:00

    As the world population grows, it is also getting wealthier. If the resources of our planet are limited, how is this possible?

  • 'Moment marketing' with meaning

    25-11-2022 22:29:00

    Social media posts loaded with cheeky messages and clever hashtags achieve really nothing

  • The growing malaise of juniorisation

    11-11-2022 22:49:00

    If young people are hired to do the job of experienced people, there will be fewer experienced, dependable, talented and resilient teams

  • Needed: A shoulder to cry on

    28-10-2022 22:30:00

    An ad agency-client relationship is increasingly no longer about client service, but about client servility

  • Why Gen Z considers the full stop rude

    14-10-2022 22:21:00

    Correctly punctuated messages are being interpreted by younger generations quite differently. The message is all that is relevant to them. Anything additional can change its interpretation

  • Cancerians lead Indian rich list parade

    30-09-2022 23:14:00

    For the second year running, Cancerians are most successful amongst the Hurun list. Sagittarians are among lukewarm contributors and absence of notable Bollywood and cricket personalities is puzzling

  • The global brand Bose that isn't Indian

    16-09-2022 22:51:00

    The world's best known "Indian" brand is Bose. But nothing except its Bengali name is really Indian

  • Plummeting Bollywood, sinking endorsements?

    03-09-2022 00:42:00

    Brand owners are starting to get jittery after a series of flops by Bollywood heavyweights

  • Designer who survived the atomic bomb

    19-08-2022 23:01:00

    In recent years I was most intrigued and impressed by Homme Plisse Issey Miyake, the lifestyle line for modern men with the intent to liberate the way they dressed