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Shailesh Dobhal

Shailesh Dobhal

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  • Direct to home

    18-05-2020 22:28:00

    Doorstep delivery is the biggest opportunity thrown open by the coronavirus crisis. Inevitably, new leaders will emerge in this landscape

  • The year of deals

    24-02-2020 21:53:00

    Initial trends in the new year will likely prove forecasters wrong on deal activity in 2020

  • Trends in the new year

    27-01-2020 21:28:00

    Just about a month old and 2020 is turning out to be an interesting, even momentous, year for businesses in India

  • Year of reality check

    16-12-2019 21:04:00

    From promoters losing their firms to consumers realising there are no free lunches, 2019 was a year of getting real

  • Why MNCs are changing their India tune

    18-11-2019 21:42:00

    The reasons are myriad - maturing of markets, change in business strategy -but there is a clear indication that global firms are not willing to tolerate any more slack in India

  • About incumbents and challengers

    21-10-2019 21:49:00

    In many industries, incumbents have often been trumped in the new product/technology race by rank outsiders. Will EVs' fate be any different?

  • Big and bigger

    29-08-2019 21:00:00

    Some of the biggest names in Indian business are shedding their reticence and letting in global firms into their parlours

  • Brands for the next 300 million Indians

    24-06-2019 21:29:00

    As demand wanes with the top quintile consumers, marketers have to think afresh about how to cater to the next lot in the socio-economic ladder

  • Splitsville in India Inc

    27-05-2019 23:18:00

    Differences over culture, management and focus is making even many supposedly "happy" partnerships come unstuck

  • Elections and the affluent Indian

    15-04-2019 21:59:00

    In this election season, is too much being made of the divisions in our polity? Let some recent reports do the talking

  • May the best man win

    18-02-2019 21:59:00

    Marquee local brands passing into foreign hands has stopped evoking desi rancour

  • Big is target

    21-01-2019 20:45:00

    Scale, supposed to be a competitive advantage, is not an unalloyed gift as voices against dominance rise across industries

  • The year in four faces

    17-12-2018 21:00:00

    Urjit Patel, Binny Bansal, Nirav Modi and Rahul Gandhi personify the big trends that defined 2018. Well, almost...

  • Entrepreneurs & entrepreneurship

    19-11-2018 22:28:00

    Entrepreneurship is booming in the country. So why are some of our biggest entrepreneurs headed for the door?

  • Is it a good time to be a family-owned business in India? Views differ

    17-09-2018 21:14:00

    Conglomerates in Asia are in decline, says Bain. Family businesses are thriving, says Credit Suisse. What's up?