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Shailesh Dobhal

Shailesh Dobhal

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  • Bharat Ratna for Dr Kurien

    22-07-2021 22:58:00

    Shailesh Dobhal argues why it makes sense to award Bharat Ratna to Verghese Kurien

  • Ambani, Adani and China

    28-06-2021 23:01:00

    The big boys may well compete, but if you parse Mr Ambani's AGM statement, it appears that RIL would more like to play the role of an input and/or original-equipment-manufacturer than a fierce rival

  • The coming long spell of demand drought

    26-05-2021 22:52:00

    Looks like India's demand curve has shifted downwards for a couple of years at least, writes Shailesh Dobhal

  • Bottom-of-the-pyramid once again in focus

    25-03-2021 23:41:00

    The coronavirus pandemic-led economic shock just shrunk the lucrative middle class market by 32 million people, according to a recent report by the Pew Research Centre based on the World Bank data

  • Entrepreneurship and the pandemic

    25-02-2021 22:57:00

    Though business for majority of entrepreneurs is yet to return to pre-Covid levels, has the country's indomitable entrepreneurial spirit gotten over the Covid bump?

  • Start-ups and IPOs: Here are the lessons from the last three decades

    28-01-2021 23:33:00

    Its the season of startups planning to go public, but how IPOs have fared at the stock markets in the last three decades?

  • Trends that will endure

    24-12-2020 23:23:00

    Shailesh Dobhal gives his list of three trends that will endure, strengthen, and affect all businesses, no matter what their wares

  • Trump or Biden, India's love for US endures

    22-10-2020 23:21:00

    According to a recent survey, Indians' average rating of the US on a host of factors was the highest, surpassing even the US citizens'

  • World is getting more serious about ESG compliance. India must catch up too

    25-09-2020 02:04:00

    There is a global movement towards making businesses more responsible and India should also make efforts in that direction

  • Big gets bigger

    28-08-2020 00:02:00

    Is dominance of big players necessarily a bad thing?

  • Few parallels for RIL-like transformation in the world of business

    27-07-2020 23:16:00

    One of the few in the league of RIL globally is the SoftBank Group, which has grown from being a PC software distributor and a telco to a technology-focused investor

  • What business are you in?

    15-06-2020 22:02:00

    The coronavirus crisis has upended businesses globally. Reimagining, not tinkering, business models is the need of the hour

  • Direct to home

    18-05-2020 22:28:00

    Doorstep delivery is the biggest opportunity thrown open by the coronavirus crisis. Inevitably, new leaders will emerge in this landscape

  • The year of deals

    24-02-2020 21:53:00

    Initial trends in the new year will likely prove forecasters wrong on deal activity in 2020

  • Trends in the new year

    27-01-2020 21:28:00

    Just about a month old and 2020 is turning out to be an interesting, even momentous, year for businesses in India