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Shankar Acharya

Shankar Acharya

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  • Recovery: A long hard road

    09-09-2020 23:49:00

    Real GDP in 2021-22 will be lower than in 2019-20

  • India's road to economic recovery will be a long, hard and painful one

    09-09-2020 23:49:00

    Real GDP in 2021-22 will be lower than in 2019-20 and the economic, social and strategic consequences will be profoundly negative

  • China's India strategy

    03-07-2020 21:00:00

    This piece, carried in Business Standard 14 years ago on May 9, 2006, made certain forecasts which have proved correct. We are republishing the article

  • GDP: Growth vs levels

    11-06-2020 00:01:00

    India's GDP is unlikely to recover to its 2019-20 level until the second half of 2021-22

  • The lockdown hammer

    14-05-2020 00:42:00

    Keeping the economy locked costs lives too and it may not be a price worth paying

  • End lockdown or not?

    08-04-2020 23:46:00

    Extending the lockdown could lead to more deaths

  • Travels with Montek

    12-03-2020 01:32:00

    An absorbing account of India's economic policies over the last 40 years

  • Some thoughts on the Budget

    12-02-2020 01:04:00

    The four key features of the Budget: Context, transparency, expansionary and protectionist

  • The darkening sky

    09-01-2020 00:02:00

    Shadows of the events in 2019 will loom large over the world and India

  • Why neglect exports?

    12-12-2019 01:43:00

    India's exports are held back more by our inadequate policies than by any stagnation in world trade

  • The jobs crisis worsens

    18-11-2019 23:16:00

    Economic slowdown is only partially to blame for the rise in unemployment. The principal reason is weak policies

  • Corporate tax cuts and growth

    09-10-2019 22:09:00

    Reduced rates will have little impact in the short run, but could have a significant positive impact on growth in the medium term

  • Growth prospects dim

    11-09-2019 23:48:00

    Given India's policy and institutional constraints, it will be difficult to significantly accelerate economic growth from present rates

  • How fast is India growing?

    08-08-2019 00:14:00

    With corporate earnings not meeting expectations and automobile sales plunging in July 2019, the story could get uglier

  • Budget and macro challenges

    10-07-2019 23:26:00

    There is little in the Budget to provide the necessary growth impetus to take the economy to $5 trillion