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Shankar Acharya

Shankar Acharya

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  • Corporate tax cuts and growth

    09-10-2019 22:09:00

    Reduced rates will have little impact in the short run, but could have a significant positive impact on growth in the medium term

  • Growth prospects dim

    11-09-2019 23:48:00

    Given India's policy and institutional constraints, it will be difficult to significantly accelerate economic growth from present rates

  • How fast is India growing?

    08-08-2019 00:14:00

    With corporate earnings not meeting expectations and automobile sales plunging in July 2019, the story could get uglier

  • Budget and macro challenges

    10-07-2019 23:26:00

    There is little in the Budget to provide the necessary growth impetus to take the economy to $5 trillion

  • Confronting macro challenges

    13-06-2019 01:30:00

    With key macro indicators flashing amber or red, business as usual is not an option

  • Populous Asia: A 40-year retrospect

    08-05-2019 23:22:00

    In 1980, Indonesia was the most prosperous. Today, China is streets ahead of the rest

  • Macroeconomic priorities for new govt

    10-04-2019 22:26:00

    It will have to contend with some key challenges that do not figure in the election manifestos

  • India slips into a pre-Keynesian world

    13-02-2019 23:35:00

    We must improve our statistical systems or be condemned to make policy in the smoky haze of inadequate and politically filtered data

  • Some macroeconomic musings for 2019

    09-01-2019 21:24:00

    The challenges of growth and job-creation in 2019 look quite daunting

  • Education: The continuing tragedy

    12-12-2018 22:00:00

    Without serious and systemic education reforms by the central and state governments, the future looks dark

  • A macro, financial & regulatory cocktail

    14-11-2018 23:27:00

    Future growth in output, incomes and employment will depend on how macro, financial and regulatory issues are handled now

  • Low tariffs, high protection

    10-10-2018 22:53:00

    Even relatively moderate tariffs of around 20 per cent can be highly protective and distortionary

  • Wanted: Better trade policies

    08-08-2018 23:02:00

    Import tariffs discourage trade; they do not reduce the trade deficit or foster a competitive manufacturing sector

  • Macro stability at risk

    12-07-2018 05:57:00

    Govt should let the rupee depreciate, speed up GST refunds, maintain fiscal prudence, persevere with IBC and avoid policy mistakes

  • The world gets scarier

    14-06-2018 06:22:00

    Mr Trump's actions on trade, foreign policy and global public goods pose a new kind of threat to the liberal international economic order